Brianna Richardson

Brianna Richardson
Brianna is a 20-something stay-at-home mama to twin boys, Liam and Noah, and a crazy yellow lab, Zoey. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Spencer. Although a piece of her heart will always lie within her Midwestern roots, her family currently resides in sunny (and prickly) Phoenix. Prior to spending her days in leggings and messy buns, she was a high school English teacher to some pretty awesome kiddos. Staying at home with her boys is one of her favorite seasons in life thus far and she is excited to share it with you! Aside from being a stay-at-home mama her passions include hiking, indulging in anything that contains chocolate, reading a good book, photography, interior design and organizing, drinking hot coffee with cream, and brunching. Sit back and relax, enjoy reading her triumphs mixed with the best days of motherhood. We are a tribe as moms and this is motherhood uncensored.

Book Ideas for Young Children {Classic Stories by Age Group}

There is nothing like cuddling with your little one in your lap or next to them in bed and reading a good book. My two-year-old twin boys adore books, and I hope this is...

Scottsdale Fashion Square Holiday Information Guide

The holiday season is a special time of the year for families, but it can also bring unwanted stress because of how quickly time seems to fly at the end of the year. Below...
motherhood unplanned

Motherhood Unplanned

Like clockwork, my human alarms created commotion this morning as I lay in bed half awake. I check the time on my phone, convincing myself that it is still too early for my little...
self-identity as mothers

Self-Identity as Mothers

A hot topic that I often see in articles and also find myself discussing with other moms revolves around the preservation of our self-identify as mothers. Self-identity is a word that carries a lot...
Staying home with toddlers

Staying Home with Toddlers: Toy Trucks and Stickers on the Dog

“I have to get out of this house today,” I thought as I watched my two-year-old twin boys push around their toy trucks on the hardwood floor while I sipped my morning coffee. I...
mom coaching sessions

Invaluable Lessons Learned from Mom Coaching Sessions: Interview

One of my good mom friends and I got to talking about the challenges that parenting can present. We moms are often caught with the feeling that our cups are overflowing, and we are...
keeping toddlers busy in the phoenix heat

Keeping Toddlers Busy in the Phoenix Heat

I am an Illinois native, so summertime in the Midwest is not comparable to these hot summer days that Phoenix brings. Growing up, everyone looked forward to sweet summertime. The magical months between May...
valuable life lessons

Five Valuable Life Lessons I Learned by Raising Toddlers

 A few days ago, I was snuggled up in the corner of the couch with my warm cup of morning coffee, having a sentimental moment staring at my boys while they pushed their toy...

Mom Guilt: It Happens to Us All

A few days ago, I stumbled across an Instagram post in my explorer feed. The post was shared by actress Jenny Mollen, who stated that she accidentally dropped her young son on his head...

Pregnancy Advice: Things I Wish I Knew Throughout Pregnancy

There is a lot that goes through a pregnant woman's mind...well, at least in my experience as a pregnant woman. Do I have everything I need for these little humans that are about to...

Mommy and Me Mother’s Day Mini Sessions {Giveaway}

Spring has sprung and nothing beats watching our kids soak up the gorgeous spring weather that Arizona has to offer! Luckily, lifestyle and family photographer, Sarah (Sarah G Photography) does a flawless job at...

Motherhood Epiphany: I’m Not Perfect

Okay, real talk... when I was pregnant with my littles, I had this vision in my head of what being a mother "should" look like. I put that in quotations because I now realize...

10 Tips for Flying with Children

Flying with young babies and/or toddlers can present a challenge. In addition, there is always the added stress and anxiety when it comes to traveling with young ones. My first time flying with my...
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