When is it Time to Wean from Co-sleeping?


Initially, I wanted to write a blog post about how to transition toddlers into their own room from cosleeping. I quickly realized that I am far from an expert in that department. Truthfully, my two-year-old is lying next to me in bed as I type this. This post will definitely not be a “how to” by any means. Instead, it will serve as support. To all of those mamas who just cannot get their kid into their own bed… I feel you.

Wean Cosleeping

My son has always been super dependent. It is not entirely his fault, however. He suffered a stroke at birth, which led to him having seizures and going apneic quite regularly. I was incredibly paranoid and refused to ever let him out of my sight, especially when we were sleeping. He has fully recovered, but my paranoia is still full blown. He has a fully decked out room equipped with books, a super cool tent, and even a tablet. Even with all of these toys, he refuses to go into his room. He would much rather be with me in my room. When is it time to wean from co-sleeping?

Our cosleeping ritual is both a blessing and a curse. I absolutely love snuggling and waking up to his cute little face. I do not, however, love having to always schedule our naps together or not being able to freely get ready in the morning out of fear of waking him. As much as I cherish our closeness, I do feel that it is time for my son to get acclimated to his own room.

Like many moms, I am going to start researching the art of toddler weaning from cosleeping. Will I have to sleep in the room with him? Will he cry for hours on end for weeks? I am truly scared to begin this process but I know it is necessary.

Question for my lucky mamas out there: how did you get your little one to enjoy sleeping in her own bed? Please share your experience in the comments!


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