Unique Gift Experiences for Moms


Answering the question – “what do you want as a gift?” during the December holidays can be tricky, especially since moms are often the point person for purchasing gifts for others – their children, partner, friends, teachers, and extended family. Often moms purchase things they would already get themselves, like new clothes or beauty products, and use those as their holiday gifts. What if instead of more stuff, you ask for gift experiences? Phoenix has many unique options to explore and you might find yourself enjoying a one-off experience, or perhaps you end up finding a new hobby. 

Here are some local things to consider, and this list is not exhaustive. Hopefully, it will get you thinking and exploring what’s available out there.

  • Glass Blowing: Schedule a private class where you get to explore the art and skill of glass blowing. Not only will you have an amazing experience, you’ll get to bring home your original piece of art.
  • Awaken Your Inner Goddess: Experience energy sessions with Scottsdale’s Integrative Wellness Coach, Elisha Mae. These sessions are a perfect gift for Moms, especially after all the time and energy Moms invest in their family. 
  • Go Dancing!: Take classes to learn some new moves. Or, grab your partner or friends for the night. If your little ones like to dance, use Phoenix Dance Studio’s Parent’s Night Out service.
  • Wonder what it is like to fly or love to swing?: Spend a little time in the air or just hang out by trying aerial silks.
  • Take a sound bath: Give yourself a break by lying comfortably on a yoga mat surrounded by healing sound vibrations.
  • Cake or cookie decorating: This is the gift that keeps on giving (if you like it). Have fun learning the tips and tricks of the pros.
  • See our beautiful desert like never before in a hot air balloon ride. You don’t have to wait to fulfill a bucket list item. The biggest question here is sunset or sunrise.
  • Remind yourself of how gorgeous you are with a Boudoir session. Read about one mom’s experience and testimonial.

If you want to be surprised when you receive your gift, you can provide a list of options that you’d enjoy. Then, whoever purchases gifts for you can wrap up the experience for you. We’d love to hear from you! If you find other experiences that you think moms need to know about, please share them below. And, if you did book an experience, tell us all about it. Also something to consider, if you have teens, who get harder and harder to shop for each year, perhaps they’d like experiences instead of stuff as well.  

*These opportunities are not sponsored by or affiliated with Phoenix Moms Collective.


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