A Simple Christmas: The Gift of Four


‘Tis the season for giving, which can equate to a season of stress and spending too much money! Since we’ve embarked on a financial freedom journey, I am sticking to minimal, yet meaningful, gift giving this season.

Both sets of our extended family have decided to do Secret Santa to help cut down on both the cost and stress of so many gifts to give.

So, for our daughter we are doing the Gift of Four for Christmas. Whenever I tell people about it they always love it, so I thought I would share here!

the gift of fourThe Gift of Four can help you spend less money and focus on more important things during the holiday season.

Santa Claus still brings our daughter one “big” gift and fills up her stocking 😉

You could do this for every member of your family, or just your children. However you decide to do it, have fun with it!

The Gift of Four follows these rules:

1 Want   (whatever the person has really been wanting or asking for)

1 Need   (the most flexible category, can be an experience)

1 Wear   (clothing, shoes, headbands/bow ties, socks, etc.)

1 Read   (books, journals, scrapbook, etc.)

You can keep it simple and buy 4 separate gifts, OR you can theme each family member’s Gift of Four!

Gift of Four Ideas for the Whole Family:

Adventure Theme for Child

Want: Strider Balance Bike

Need: Phoenix Zoo Membership

Wear: Go Outside Shirt by Hello Apparel

Read: Lost my Name Personalized Book

Fit Mama Theme

Want: ClassPass Fitness Membership

Need: Gift Card for a Meditation Class at Current Meditation Studio

Wear: Iron Mama T-Shirt by naMOMste Apparel

Read:  Mom Agenda Planner

Phoenician Theme for Dad

Want: Weekend camping trip up north

Need: A bag of coffee beans from Cartel Coffee

Wear: State 48 T-Shirt

Read:  Gift Card to Changing Hands Bookstore

Does anyone else do the Gift of Four for their family or children? What other gifts do you love to give to keep your Christmas simple and meaningful? 



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