Your Last Chance to See Mamma Mia!

This post was sponsored by our partners at ASU Gammage, though all opinions and inclusions about the show are my own.

Slipping through my fingers all the time
I try to capture every minute
The feeling in it
Slipping through my fingers all the time

When I see movies or theater productions, or listen to songs, I’m always trying to seek a meaning that is relevant in my life and sometimes, that same movie or show or song will have a different impact depending on my mood, emotional state, or happenings in my life at that time.  Nevertheless, I have the habit of imprinting the memory of the experience with the feeling I have about it.  

Mamma Mia!, the farewell tour, opened last night at ASU Gammage and is without a doubt, one of the best shows I’ve seen!  I would venture to say it’s something everyone can relate to: whether you’re reminiscing the past, reveling in the humor, marveling at those friendships that last a lifetime, or are relating to the feeling of having your child(ren) grow up way too fast, there’s something in Mamma Mia! for all.  

Mamma Mia! ASU Gammage North Phoenix Moms Blog

I’m a true sucker for a good dance song, so needless to say, Mamma Mia! had my vote on those stellar moments alone!  You better believe I was dancing as the show closed.  But, as I sat watching the show and listened to Slipping Through My Fingers I couldn’t help but be tugged into an emotional place where I’m finding myself a lot lately: feeling like my son is growing up in the blink of an eye, right before me.  He’s not even 2, and I’m already feeling like this (I know … some of you may think that’s silly), but I now completely understand ALL those times in my life (and many recently, because I just had a birthday) when my mom has said, “I just don’t know where my baby went … do you know you’re still always going to be my first baby?”  

While Mamma Mia! had me almost in tears of laughter and dancing with the feel good songs, the imprint it made for me last night was that life is short and precious. I think we could all use a friendly reminder that life shouldn’t be taken for granted, and I can’t think of a better time to get that reminder than right before the holiday season.  I can only hope that my son grows up knowing how much we love and adore him, that he can come to us with anything, and that we’ll support him in whatever he wants to do.  

Mamma Mia! ASU Gammage North Phoenix Moms Blog

So, if you haven’t seen Mamma Mia! yet, or if this is your all-time favorite … you’re in luck, because it’s running through December 11th.  Go enjoy some laughs, some dancing, and hopefully your own emotional imprint!  Hurry and get your tickets now!


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