The Best Holiday Movies of All Time


One of the best parts of the Christmas season for me is sharing my favorite holiday movies with my son, and I’m feeling this year… Christmas 2015… just may be my year… finally! I don’t know what I was thinking, but when my little guy was 3 years old, I made us a yummy holiday snack complete with cookies and hot cocoa. Then we cuddled under blankets on the couch together and turned on the TV to watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I was so excited to share this childhood memory with him, but to my dismay, once the snacks were gone, so… was… he. We barely got through 15 minutes, let alone, to the the best parts when Rudolph and his crew landed on the Island of Misfit Toys or when Hermey the Elf saved the day by performing dental surgery on the Abominable Snowman. I was so disappointed. In fact, I just skipped last year too. I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I could see it in his little 4 year old eyes. No way… no how.


But now that he’s 5 and is singing Rudolph and Frosty and will readily watch a movie (or 2 or 3 if I’d let him), I think we’re ready to try it again and I’m really looking forward to it! There’s just something special about watching these classic Christmas movies while watching your child discover them for the first time.

But what movies do you choose? There’s so many great holiday films out there and only so much time in this very busy month of December. So I asked my fellow NPhxMoms contributors what holiday movies topped their list and here it is, our list of The Best Holiday Movies of All Time:


“It’s a Wonderful LifeElf + Home Alone.”


“Elf, although my kids aren’t really interested in ‘real people’ movies yet. They only like animated ones.”


Elf + It’s a Wonderful Life + the very first Simpson’s Christmas Special. It’s on Amazon Instant and it’s hysterical!”


“Every year we watch The Polar Express!”


How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”


“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation + Love Actually. My kiddos can’t watch them though!”


“I love the classic White Christmas and I definitely plan on watching it with my baby girl this year. It’s been a yearly holiday tradition with my mom since I was little. We also love Home Alone and Christmas Vacation.” 

I’m with you Stacey and Lindsey, Home Alone is one my favorite Christmas movies too, but I won’t be letting my son watch it anytime soon. I’m afraid he’d pick up too many ideas!


Many of these holiday favorites will be airing on ABC Family all month long. So in the middle of all the wonderful festive outdoor activities that we enjoy here in beautiful Arizona, grab a sugar cookie and some hot chocolate and have a holiday movie night or two with your family!  Did your favorite holiday movie make our list?  We would love to know your favorite, comment below!  Happy Holidays 🙂

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