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Eye Brows have become quite the statement to make over the last couple years. Whether that is a good statement or a bad one, is up to how you are doing them. As a professional makeup artist, I’ve seen it all.  I’m talking about the over grown, not tweezed, middle school brows we all had… or the OVER tweezed, under grown in brows some of us had in high school ( ahem, me!) … Hopefully these easy steps, help bring your brow game to a new and bold level.

Start by grooming you brows. If you do not trust yourself with tweezers, then leave it to the pros and pay to have them done. Its okay if you have some unruly brow hairs, work with what you got.

NPHXM brow3

I brushed all of my model’s, Moriah from Sweet T Designs, brow hairs up with my favorite brow brush. Start forming the structure of your brow from the bottom inner most point, then create your arch, and end on the outer point. I like to always follow the natural line of someone’s brows.

Dream Photography Studio - North Phoenix Moms Blog IMG_8045

I gently pull color out of my brow dip to apply a second coat after I’ve created the structure of the brow.  Simply fill in any areas that might need more color than others to make a clean, even eye brow. I have a scar in my left brow, so I always have to apply more color where my hair doesn’t grow. That’s okay, just make sure its consistent with your eye brow color, depth and shape.  You can use many products to accomplish this look. I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand for all eye brow related products.  ELF Cosmetics makes a great budget friendly product as well.

NPHXM brow4

Create the same look to your second eye brow. As silly as is it, remember your eye brows are not twins, but sisters! They do not need to be exactly the same on each side.

NPHXM brow5

If you are every having your photo taken, fill in your brows! It gives the viewer a focal point on your face and creates dimension.

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Photography by Dream Photography Studio.


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