Technology Suggestions to Stay in Touch with Loved Ones


Covid really brought to the forefront the need for technology as a means to safely communicate from a distance. Luckily there has always been a need for it and there are so many things out there you can use to communicate with loved ones.

Some of the most obvious would be facetime and zoom for the live interactions with your loved ones. These are great but I want to open you up to some other things that you may not realize are just as great. 

Amazon Echo Show

This great piece of technology is a screen with built in speakers; a quick, easy and affordable way to video call with friends and family. It is light, easy to use and multifunctional. Plug in near a spot you can cozy up in to have your video chat. It can also be used for a variety of other things. It displays apps, weather, time, and recipes. It connects to other Alexa devices, including my ring doorbell so I can see who is at the door. It notfies me when my Amazon packages have been delivered too. There are even more great games, videos, and apps loaded that I have only begun to explore. I highly suggest you purchase a stand to go with it for convenience. This is worth every penny. 

Marco Polo App

If your life is too hectic for being chained to live technology calls, like mine, then you would love the Marco Polo App. This video messaging app allows you to set up chats with one person or multiple people. The best part is that you can watch and reply to videos on your time. This is the part that I like the best. When I am out and about with my kids and I think there is something that family would love to see I will send a quick Marco Polo video of that activity and they can watch it on their own time or in real time. Later in the day when I have a moment I can watch their reply back. It is the perfect way to keep in touch centered around many people’s busy lives. 

Thanks to modern day technology we can keep in touch in many ways. This helps keep people connected and build important relationships no matter how far apart.


  1. We love Marco Polo! This is how we are staying in touch with my two oldest in Virginia. The kids love leaving them ‘messages’ and I don’t worry about calling and interrupting any classes!


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