Will It Popsicle?


I wrote earlier this summer about our themed dance parties and how occasionally to get the kids on board I will entice them with smoothies… well that has evolved into enticing them with popsicles each “Funday Friday” and after going this long we have started getting a bit creative with our popsicle ventures. I thought I would take today to share our wins and our messes as we asked ourselves “Will it popsicle?” and then waited for the results.

*Juice: Will it popsicle? a resounding YES. Obviously this is at the core of popsicle treats and one of the easiest kinds of popsicles to make as you can just pour your favorite juice straight into the molds. My kids are particularly obsessed with popsicles made from grape or cranberry juice.

*Nut Butter: Will it popsicle? Yes. If mixed with milk (the real stuff or your favorite non-dairy substitute- although full disclosure we have only tried to substitute with oat milk) My kids are beyond obsessed with these peanut butter banana popsicles. However, since I am allergic to banana I stick with the deliciously splurge worthy Nutella pops.

*Alcohol: Will it popsicle? No. Not well at least. This summer my hubby and I have tried a variety of “parent only popsicles” but almost all of them have had the same result- it is really hard to get the right alcohol to mixer ratio, and they don’t freeze very well. If they do manage to freeze they tend to break apart easily or melt super fast or have a weird texture. So we went to plan B: Will it slushy? Yes. If you are looking for a boozy frozen treat for a moms night in I suggest skipping the popsicles and googling alcoholic slushies instead.

*Soda: Will it Popsicle? Nope. Here’s the thing about trying to make popsicles with soda- it will either explode your popsicle, or you have to let all the carbonation out of it before freezing in the molds so you are left with a weirdly stale tasting final outcome. You’d be better off using some simple syrup if you want a sweet, concentrated flavor.

*Chocolate Chips: Will it popsicle? I don’t recommend it. At least, not in the popsicle itself as the chocolate gets really hard and unpleasant. I DEFINITELY recommend coating the nut butter based popsicles mentioned above in chocolate chips after you slip them out of the popsicle mold. Or melting the chocolate chips and adding a chocolate drizzle post-popsicle freezing.

Our next Will it Popsicle on the books: another round of parent popsicles with coffee… if anyone has any tips please comment with them because I will basically consume coffee every which way…



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