Speed up in the kitchen with Pioneer so you can slow down at the table!

A very special thank you to Pioneer for sponsoring this article! All thoughts, opinions, and morning schedules are mine.

This year marks the first year that all five of my children are in school. (Can you say party?!) Julia, my oldest, is in her first year teaching, and Sebastian, my youngest, started kindergarten! I’ve been practicing making school breakfast happen for 17 years and I have a few secrets for you! 

Breakfast Meal Plan

There is no wrong way to do this (unless you don’t!). You can take five minutes to glance at your pantry and freezer and see what you have on hand for meals. Write it out and just be sure you have everything you need.


Grab your grocery list and write down what you need this week at the store. This will save you an absolute ton of money. You won’t be guessing about what you do and do not have when you are there! This is also when I pull anything out of the freezer that needs to be thawed and check for anything that I need to be sure and use this week so it doesn’t spoil (hello, bagged kale that I thought was such a great idea).

Cook with Pioneer

This is where I love time saving measures. Crock pot? Yes! Instapot? Sure! (If you have figured out how to use it without being terrified, I am super proud of you and a little bit jealous.). Pioneer gravy and seasoning mixes? Absolutely!

Pioneer has been around since 1851. My mother used their gravy, my grandmother used their gravy, and I always have it in the pantry.

If you want your kids to wake up to the smell of biscuits and gravy that you only took 16 minutes – yes, 16 – from start to finish, get ready for one of my best secrets.

This is a sneak peek of our mornings:

  • 6:45 Alarm goes off. I try my hardest to never snooze, knowing that it is a recipe for a lot of grumpy people.
  • 6:50 Preheat oven. Grab biscuits and open can. Start water boiling for Pioneer Smoky Country Bacon Gravy Mix.
  • 6:55 Turn on all lights and soft music. Make sure each kid is waking up and getting dressed.
  • 6:57 Pop biscuits in the oven and finish the gravy – listen to the kids ask “Did you make bacon?” and “What smells so good?”
  • 7:00 Finish helping the kids with shoes, brushing teeth, and gathering water bottles for the day.
  • 7:10 Pull biscuits out of the oven, ask kids to get their drinks and forks, and pour delicious gravy over biscuits. 
  • 7:20 Ask kids to clear the places, grab their backpacks, and head to the car.

It took me years to understand that taking shortcuts in the kitchen so that our mornings included breakfast were the key to a peaceful morning. Fed kids and a calm mom equal back to school breakfast success! 

Looking for more back to school recipes? Head to backtoschoolwithpioneer.com for more inspiration!



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