“Snow” Play-doh! {Day 4 of 8 Days of DIY Holiday Gifts}


I saw this idea on Pinterest a while back. I planned on being a serious DIY-er and making my play-doh from scratch, but yeah….like that was going to happen!  Between my two girls, the other children I watch during the week, and the busy holiday season, I thought I’d give us all an easy way out and buy the ready-made stuff 😉 You’re welcome! Also, I have found that all my homemade play-doh dries out so fast! Do any of you have that problem?!

Here is what you’ll need to make your very own “Snow” for your little ones! It’s a fun twist on normal play-doh and adds to the holiday fun! And a cute gift for the any other littles in your lives 🙂

1) White Play-doh

2) Silver Glitter

That’s it!


Mold the play-doh into a little bowl shape  to dump the glitter into (to keep things clean!), then fold the sides over the glitter to trap it in. Finally, knead away! Get all the glitter mixed well 🙂 If I felt like there wasn’t enough glitter in mine, I just repeated the process til my glitter lovin’ heart was satisfied! 🙂 

After I did the the “Snow” one, I went crazy and did a few more colors! When my girls woke up from their nap, they were so excited to play with their “fancy” new play-doh! Hmm…I bet this would be a great stocking-stuffer too!




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