Making and Sharing a “Hug” {Day 3 of 8 Days of DIY Holiday Gifts}


Technically it is a heating pad, but really with all this homemade love put into it, I cannot help but think of it as a hug. Think about it- you are cold or hurting- do you really want to strap some industrial, wire laden inflexible pad on? No, thanks- I want a nice snuggle with my loves. Since that is frowned on at work or when I am driving on a chilly morning, a close second is this little craft.

This one was made from

1/8 yard of  flannel fabric (.50) — An alternative to the fabric is an uber sentimental shirt/dress/sports jersey  that your child has outgrown.

2 lbs pearl barley (1.98) – you can also use buckwheat, dried cherry pits or rice

Scrap lace

Good ol’ fashion needle and thread

Funnel (or roll a piece of paper to act as a funnel)

Cut your fabric to size. I bought a half a yard of this cute little print and ended up quartering it. Once you have done that, turn the fabric inside out.

Cut your ribbon to size. The ribbon will have a dual purpose. It will be aesthetic, but it can also be used to tie the heating pad into place so make sure it is long enough to wrap around the recipient.

The ribbon will be pinned between the layers of fabric with the “long” end on bundled in the middle.

If you have a sewing machine- I envy you.  If you are like me, it is still very possible to sew the sides together by hand. Make sure to keep the stitches tight so that you do not have any leaks! Once you are on the fourth side of the “hug” stop sewing about halfway. This will allow you space to turn the fabric right side out.

With the pretty side of the fabric sewing, grab a funnel (or roll a piece of paper to act as a funnel) and put the barley into the bag. Sew the remainder of the bag neatly on the outside. Viola! – you can give your ailing loved one a sweet little hug when they are not feeling their best!

Tie the lace to make it look like a nice little gift.

Your recipient can warm their Hug up in the microwave  for about 60 seconds and have warmth for hours! It would be great for out of town family and friends!


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