DIY Photo Coasters from Mine for the Making {Day 5 of 8 Days of DIY Holiday Gifts}



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I am thrilled to be here today.
My name is Kara and I’m a creative mommy blogger over at Mine for the Making.

I love sharing tutorialsrecipes, printables, frugal decor ideas, mommy adventures, fashion, and all things DIY. I enjoy painting and designing wooden signs and I also LOVE making jewelry and hair accessories for my shop.
I have been busy working on DIY Christmas gifts for our family and making new Christmas decor for our home. I wanted to share an easy and frugal gift idea with you today. This project cost me under $2 and took me an afternoon nap time to make (while switching laundry during dry time). I guarantee it will be a favorite gift to anyone who receives it.
Let’s get started…
DIY Photo Coasters


-sponge brush-scissors

-sanding block or paper


-pack of coasters (got mine at the dollar store)

-Mod Podge

-4×6 photos

-clear satin spray paint (not pictured)


{How To}
1. Trace your coasters on the backs of each photo and cut out the photos.

2. Using your sponge brush, paint the coasters with Mod Podge and press the photos on top. Smooth them out carefully to remove any air bubbles and let dry.


3. Once dry, paint a thin layer of Mod Podge on the top of the photos. Let dry and repeat, painting the Mod Podge in the opposite direction (first time paint horizontal and second time paint vertical). In between the coats of Mod Podge, I used my sanding block to gently sand down any of the photos that hung off the edges of the coasters.

Make sure each coat is dry before applying a new one. This prevents air bubbles.

Seal your photos with a coat of clear satin spray paint. This helps with condensation from your glass on a hot day.

I obviously made this set of coasters for our own family. I just love the way the turned out with our new family photos courtesy of Joy Photography.

Now all you have to do is stack up your Photo Coasters and tie a piece of ribbon around it and call it a gift!

We love ours and have been using them for our hot coco mugs : )
Thanks so much for hanging out with me for a bit! I’d love for you to stop by Mine for the Making sometime!
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