Random Acts of Poetry Day: October 4


Did you ever hear of such a thing? Random Acts of Poetry Day?

Though most people think we reserve these heartfelt offerings for Valentine’s Day, it’s actually an opportunity to get out into the world and “paint the town red” with your words. Have a hankering to share a piece of your soul? Do you want to offer a glimpse of who you are and what you love through a Shakespearean-style stanza or sonnet?

Do you feel empowered to share from poets like Maya Angelou or Amanda Gorman with words that reverberate from your soul? Do you feel whimsical and silly like those words from Shel Silverstein? Does alliteration and assonance dance on the tip of your tongue as you string together a perfectly imperfect poem?

Shout it from the rooftops! Write it on a colorful piece of paper, fold it into an old-school-style envelope, and leave it on a park bench. Decorate a rock cleverly and creatively in T.S. Eliot or Emily Dickinson style.

Use mystery and romanticism in the styling of Edgar Allan Poe to colorfully decorate the sidewalk with your Halloween haunts and imagery for pedestrians to enjoy. Partner and perform for audiences, young and “young at heart,” and share glimpses of your experiences through slam poetry. Foster connection through your similarities and differences.

However you choose to express yourself through poetry, keep kindness at the forefront of your mind. Let it echo loudly as your theme. Start a chain reaction with figurative language—let your musings, mischievousness, and playfulness garner a smile from someone who might not otherwise venture into the many facets of words and rhythm. Don’t be afraid to start a tradition of bringing the written word to life in a way that celebrates the uniqueness of you and fellow poets this October 4. Paint the town with poetry. Raw, well-poised, or somewhere in-between. Share a piece of you!


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Wendie DG
Wendie, native Phoenician and professional writer, holds a Bachelor's in Secondary Education/English, SEI Endorsement, and Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies in Writing and Psychology. Honing her craft, Wendie specializes in ghostwriting, aviation, event planning, communications, interviewing, education, creative writing, poetry, and the nonprofit sector. She is inspired by stories of valor, is actively involved in philanthropy, loves traveling, and spending time with family and friends.


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