Did You Know That Pilates Can Be a Mom’s Best Friend?

We are so excited to have a great new fitness partner in the area. This post was sponsored by Club Pilates.

Pilates for Moms

Carving out time for a fitness program only gets more challenging when you have little ones in tow. With someone else’s needs always at the forefront of your attention, it can be tempting to blow off your own self-care.

But dedicating yourself to a regular fitness routine not only pays back tenfold in your ability to show up and be present for your family; it also sets an important example for your children about what it means to take care of your own health.

With demands on your time already posing a challenge, it’s important to find a routine that sets you up so that you’re most likely to keep at it. If you’ve never considered Pilates, it may check all the boxes of what you’re looking for in a workout.


While high-intensity plyometrics and aggressive HIIT-style workouts can burn calories and may come with some bragging rights, they can often create as many problems in the body as they solve through overuse and injury. Pilates uses specialized equipment that strengthens and lengthens the body through controlled movement—without any jarring, straining, or jerking movements. Pilates is a great workout choice for people who experience chronic pain or have had past injuries, as well as those who want to keep their bodies as functional and injury-free as possible!


Not into flexing in front of the mirrors with your gallon water jug, grunting, and slamming weights onto the floor? Pilates is a fluid, graceful workout that incorporates subtle, deep-muscle movements (zero grunting required). Resistance is added through spring-loaded tension, meaning that the effort levels are completely customizable without even being apparent to your neighbor how much you are (or aren’t) doing.


Whether experiencing any given workout with the Reformer, springboard, ballet barre, TRX, Bender Ball, Bosu Ball, Exo Chair, free weights, or jumpboard, you’ll never get the same workout twice. Can you say the same thing about spending 30 minutes on a treadmill? Not so much.


Group Pilates classes are an ideal place to meet like-minded comrades, where you can keep each other accountable while encouraging each other’s progress. Pilates classes are also a great opportunity for couples to enjoy some quality time together, even if they’re at different fitness levels.



Club Pilates has recently opened a location the Scottsdale Promenade and is celebrating with a Grand Opening event June 16-18.

You’re welcome to enjoy any or all of the following festivities:

  • Ribbon Cutting and Complimentary Lunch by Chicken Scoop at 11:30am on Friday
  • Complimentary Demo Classes All 3 Days
  • Prize Drawings from Sugar Sugar, Giftology, Wine by Design, and more!
  • $25 retail voucher with your new membership
  • “Daddy Demos” on Father’s Day
  • One Grand Prize of a Free 3-Month Membership

To RSVP for the ribbon cutting or a complimentary demo class, please call 480-447-4044 or book your demo online.


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