Pickle Peas {Review & Giveaway)


pickle_peas_logoHave you heard of the adorable organic baby clothing line, Pickle Peas? They’re an innovative company that has thought of a cute way to make a bib part of your outfit in cute and fun ways, and the best part is the bib portion is interchangeable. They truly are fashionable, functional, and smart. Plus all the clothing is 100% organic!

See the diagram below for how it works.


I loved this “snap on and snap off” idea when I browsed their website. I don’t have much of a drooler anymore in my 9 month old, but I wish I had these 5 months ago, when her onesies were often soaked with drool. Now she go through clothes and bibs with her not so neat and tidy eating style. The thought of having multiple cute bibs that I could just replace after each meal sounded awesome. I was a bit weary wondering if they really worked though. Well, after testing them out, I can officially say they do. I dressed my daughter in the onesie and snapped on one of the bibs and took off for the day. Sure enough after lunch it was coated in a little bit of everything, so I unsnapped the first bib and attached the next one. It too got dirty at the next meal, but it was fun to have a simple piece of the outfit change and look new versus just taking off a bib or changing the whole onesie. I often forget bibs when I’m out and about, so this idea worked really well (as long as you actually remember the additional bib 🙂 ).

Pickle Peas have a variety of styles and many different bibs to choose from. Check out them out here. I really like their colors. I am not a pink for girls, and blue for boys type of person. I love their deep, rich colors! I also love how the clothes feel; they are thick and sturdy, yet really soft and comfortable. In case the adorable kids on their website don’t sell you, here’s a snapshot of my 9 month old modeling her cute Pickle Peas organic onsie with owl bib and pants.


Now comes the fun part. You can enter to win a cute outfit and bibs set from Pickle Peas!

You will get a short sleeve bodysuit, two bibs and pants (valued at $56)

To Enter, head over to the Pickle Peas website and tell use which outfit you think you’d like for your (or a friend’s) little one.

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  1. Oh man, so cute! We’re in the mega drool stage over here! I love the owl and the cow….oh and that Pirate ship would totally make my hubs smile! 🙂

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