Fashion Friday – Cheetah Print Nails


Time for another do-it-yourself nail idea!  These cheetah print nails can be customized to any color scheme and would be super cute on toes!  Sandal season is definitely here!  Here is what you’ll need: a light/neutral base color, an accent color for the spots, a dark color for the outline, and a topcoat.  I used a light cream color for the base, a dark purple for the spots, and a black nail art polish that I got from the dollar store.

nail art polish

Here is the black polish I found with an easy to use thin brush for detail.  You can use a toothpick or an eyeliner brush with any polish for this though.

cheetah print nails

Here are the 4 easy steps to get this look:

1) Paint nails with the base coat. (Depending on how sheer the polish is, you might want to do 2 coats)

2) Use accent color to create spots on each nail.  These spots should be random and not perfect circles.

3) After spots are dry, use a liner brush or toothpick to partially outline each spot.  Fill in any open spots on the nail with tiny dots of liner color.

4)  Make sure your nail art is completely dry and top it with a coat or two of clear top coat.

Don’t worry if you make mistakes, each spot should be different and imperfections make it look more unique.  Don’t mind the polish that is left outside my nails, I either go back and touch it up with a q-tip or wait til I’m in the shower and rub the excess off.

What colors do you think you would use for this look?

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