“Not The Hair!” – Uncle Jesse


It’s Hairstylist Appreciation Day! Some people take theirs for granted, others live by their advice!

Feel the top of your head… is there hair up there? If so, you have someone to thank because today is a day specifically for them!

North Phoenix Moms Blog - National Hairstylist Day
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By definition a hairstylist is a person whose occupation is to cut or style hair in order to change or maintain a person’s image. But they are so much more than that! They are unlicensed therapists, fashionistas, kid whispers, experts in small talk and most importantly they can make you look amazing in less than one hour.

Here is where I get to take a minute and share some love for my stylist. Mel Welker, you are not only super talented but an amazing friend. Thank you for all you do, not just for me but my whole family! You are so patient, supportive, understanding and an amazing listener. Thank you for helping me look extraordinary on the regular! LYLAS (yes, folks I just dropped a middle school acronym on you)

I am willing to share her with you, just don’t steal my appointment time. J

Melissa Welker  623-640-2720

And a few other stylists that our team LOVE!

Carolyn Vinck – Carolyn’s Hair Design

Gretta Bradbury – Fox & Girl Salon

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