Foodie Friday: Cool Down with some SNOH


NorthPhoenixMomsBlogSnohMay day, mayday!!  It’s supposed to be 100 degrees today, is summer around the corner or should I continue to be in denial?  In my foodie quest to keep cool this summer, I’ll be eating delicious cold treats and have been going around town trying to find the best.  Let me tell you about one I found last week off Camelback and 7th St. called Snoh Ice Shavery, I have a slight suspicion it could become one of your favorite frozen treats too.

What is Snoh?  I’m glad you asked because it not quite shaved ice but it’s also not ice cream, it’s a cross between the two.  With the process they use to create this stuff, you end up with a texture so light and fluffy, it’s probably not something you’ve experienced before.  Snoh is created with top grade extracts and natural ingredients, it’s then frozen with ice and after going through a delicate curing process it is shaved by a top quality machine and this, my friends, is how it gets that magical texture.

Here’s what we tried out: Taro Snoh with strawberries and almond cookies, topped with condensed milk.  There might be a better combination but I’m in love with this flavor and won’t be straying from it anytime soon.  Taro is a root, the Snoh comes out purple and the flavor is refreshing – you have to try it to understand.NorthPhoenixMomsBlogSnohWe also had the coconut Snoh (made with Thai coconut milk), topped with lychee fruit and coconut.  Using the Thai coconut milk gives it a super rich flavor and the fruit sweetens it up.  This was the dairy free option we got for the little one, I do know that they will be launching a few more dairy free options soon, maybe even this weekend!  A few of the other flavors they have are Mango, Black Sesame and Thai Tea.  They have topping consisting of Oreos, boba, cinnamon toast and many more and then you pick a glaze, which might be caramel, chocolate or nutella to name a few.  You can check out all their flavors and more online but they don’t always have them all listed so you could call or just head into the store.

Wanting a little something else, you got it!  They have the most refreshing teas (we had the pomegranate) and Boba drinks (Thai Tea was amazing), slushies and these amazing creations called brick toast.

This would be the perfect weekend to visit them as they are celebrating their 2 year anniversary.  That means you get to try them out from 12pm – 6pm on Sunday for HALF OFF, you’ll probably see me there too.  If you go, tell them that AZFoodie and North Phoenix Moms Blog sent you and I’m also curious where you like to go when you’re in the mood for frozen treats…?

Snoh Ice Shavery

914 E Camelback Rd. Ste 4B

Phoenix, AZ 85014

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Diana was raised on the beach in San Diego eating ox tail and cow’s tongue, which helped form her love of water and all things edible. She spent a lot of her childhood in Seattle, where her family currently lives but moved down to Phoenix 10 years ago with her husband. Currently she plays ninjas and dragons with her two sons, Kellan and Carter, and eats her way through town for her blog, AZFoodie. Diana loves sharing the foodie culture in Phoenix and is thrilled to see it growing. You’ll find her chowing down all over town, laughing with the Chefs and schmoozing at the local food events.


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