How to Consciously Work at Making Memories


Memories are what make us who we are. They shape us, mold us, help us make decisions, can make us laugh, and make us cry. Memories are so important to us. They are part of who we are.

I recently sat down with my dad and my daughter at a restaurant. He asked me to tell him one of my favorite memories of my daughter, Melody, at a restaurant. As I wracked my brain, he continued to tell me how important these moments are in my life and how these memories will be the best ones I’ll ever have.  He reminded me to hold onto these sweet moments. I left the restaurant instantly wishing I could remember every little moment of Melody, and every little moment of her with my dad.  In an effort to do so, I settled in to look back at pictures and scrolled through my social media to see what I had recorded.  Ultimately, it still wasn’t enough.  I want to capture ever day possible and want to remember my life, as a way of reminding myself of who I am.  

So here are a few ideas to help you hold onto yourself: 

Take Pictures. This is an obvious one. But even more so, I think we should spend a quick second taking a picture or a short video every day. Whether it’s to be stored in the cloud, or even if it’s a quick Polaroid – snap it, save it, cherish it.

Journal. This is something I haven’t ever done before. I have never fully recorded my day. I think we should all take a moment and just jot down the date and something special from that day. Even if it’s a short incomplete sentence. Take a moment to record your life. You won’t regret it. 

Tell your stories. This is my favorite one. Tell your story. Hold onto who you are by sharing your special memories. Listening to my dad tell stories about his kids is one of the best past times, and I know I will do this with my kids too.   

Live in the moment. This is particularly hard for me. My mind tends to be always at least one step ahead. But living in the moment truly helps us carry memories with us. Take a moment to be present, breathe and be grateful for just being alive. 

I can’t help but thank my dad for reminding me how special my memories are and encouraging me to go out and make more! 

How do you save/document your memories?  



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