No More Toys: Creative Gift Ideas You Can Get for Kids


Birthday Parties. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love celebrating my sweet babies, but I have to be honest and tell you that I feel overwhelmed when we get home with a ton of new toys that are piled onto the old toys we already have. I typically spend a few hours after the party going through them and deciding what we are keeping, and what we are donating. After a few years of toys and more toys, I have come up with a few other great gift ideas for kids that us parents can love too.  They don’t take up a ton of room, don’t need batteries, and are also unique!! So unless a child is set on that one toy they must have, here are some other creative kid gift ideas.

Creative Gift Ideas Non-Toys for Kids

1. Unique Clothes

I love kids’ clothes, but why not step out of the big box stores and get some handmade unique clothing? Modern Roots is a great kids’ online store with creative and unique fabrics. One of my favorite items from them? These local Arizona shorts – so much cooler than just basic jeans!

Creative Gift Ideas Non-Toys for Kids

2. Books

Books make amazing gifts! In our house, we read several books a day and 3 at night, so we go through a ton of them! Find some of your favorites, or new releases, and be sure to include the receipt just in case they have it already! One book my kids are loving right now is the “All Better” book from Usborne. It comes with stickers that look like band-aids that are reusable and so fun! 

3. Personalized Gifts

I LOVE these personalize towels – they are great for any age as they are full size towels, and they have a hood which is so nice after swim class or a bath. You can add any design on the hood and a name on the back. Such a fun gift! My daughter has a Minnie Mouse towel and she thinks she becomes Minnie when she puts it on – so adorable. I typically order mine from local shop, Chills and Frills Boutique, and they do ship if you aren’t here locally in Phoenix! 

Creative Gift Ideas Non-Toys for Kids

4. Experiences

Horse Back riding, aquarium passes, a water park pass, or a day at the zoo. Get creative and allow the child to celebrate another day too! You can always find some great gift ideas for reasonable prices on Groupon!

What are some other presents for kids that aren’t toys that you have gifted? And kids have loved??


  1. I love, love, love this! Some of my favorite presents my boys have gotten are unconventional. They for she have enough toys, so something different is always encouraged! Great tips Ashley!


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