Ways You Can Help Your Kids Love to Read


A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” – Jojen Reed, A Dance With Dragons

March is National Literacy month, also nicknamed March Into Literacy. I’m a HUGE book lover and it’s one of the traits that I most want to pass down to my girls. The quote above is seriously one of my favorite quotes of all time closely followed by some from J.R.R Tolkien. Since being a bibliophile is so important to me, I gathered some tips that will help cultivate your kids love for the written word. No shock, I try to follow my own advice on these!

help your kids love to read

  • Own a lot of books. The more that they’re available the more they’ll be read and played with. I don’t think that your kids are ever too young to have books. Even if they’re only getting the visual stimulation and hearing you read to them, it does wonders for the brain.
  • Sign up for a book subscription service. I personally signed up for The Story Box where they include 2 books for one age group or split level books if you have different aged children. Each month includes parent information cards on what your kids will learn in that month’s books and they’re full of tips that will help you use your new books to facilitate your child’s communication and pre-literacy skills. 
  • Go to the library. Seriously though, library cards are free. No excuses! Phoenix and Maricopa County have some of the best libraries around and they have a great story time programs for kids. We’ve attended them for years in both the baby and toddler groups. You can check locations and times HERE.  PS. If you happen to live in a cute neighborhood that has free book boxes that you can exchange books in, I’m totally jealous! My goal is to live somewhere someday that I can make my own.
  • Read! Kind of obvious but if you’re kids see you reading they’re way more likely to grow up wanting to read themselves. Monkey see, monkey do! I’ve made it a goal to start buying paperback books again so that my babes see me physically reading instead of on a device or on my phone. They can’t tell if I’m reading or scrolling through Instagram. 

help your kids love to readWays You Can Help Your Kids Love to ReadWhat’re your favorite books right now? I’m dying over The Magnolia Story and Present Over Perfect and I’m also waiting on the most recent addition of the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. I usually have a stack of books on my nightstand that I’m waiting to get to!

xoxo, Ashley


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