Honoring Mamas


Mothers. Mamas. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are quirky, others well-known. Soft-spoken, rambunctious, ambitiously optimistic, a supportive cheerleader. As we go through this strange time of quarantine, I find myself taking time to reflect on motherhood. The many times I longed to carry a child but couldn’t, the happiness I would see on friend’s faces when the pregnancy test was positive. The countless tears others shed over miscarriages, failed adoptions, magnificent rainbow babies, and friend’s mamas who took them in and loved on them like their own. Join me in honoring mamas.

There are many ladies who have impacted society by being uniquely themselves and owning their truths. They have navigated treacherous waters and use that to fuel their passion to see positive change happen. Those who persevere tend to see great results.

One woman comes to mind when I think of mamas making a great impact. Her name is Pamela Gaylord and she resides in the Phoenix area. She is not a well-known woman, except maybe by her friends and family. She’s a petite woman, 5’2 (depending on which shoes she wears), and very driven. Her almost 60 years of life haven’t been the easiest, but they embody one well-lived.

Pamela has encountered her share of obstacles that can be defined with one word: resilience. When the world pushed against her, instead of allowing herself to get kicked in the teeth, she fought harder. She didn’t let the tough times get her down. Though she didn’t finish high school, Pam went on to get her GED, marry, and mother 3 beautiful daughters. She also invented a system that would give many childrearing experts a run for their money. The “Huggle,” known as a pristine approach to confrontation, forgiveness, and hope. In laymen’s terms: it was a way for siblings to take their aggression and “hug” it out on each other, settling their differences with an “I love you.” Results? Giggling, camaraderie, and one happy parent.

Yes, Pamela Gaylord, the innovator that she is should be congratulated for the wisdom she imparts on others. Her listening ear makes others feel at ease and secure because they know she cares. She makes others feel valued and shows interest in their passions. Pamela, she’s a woman on the move…though life has taken her down different paths, has tried to buck her like a bronco or sink her in quicksand, she’s emerged as a warrior. She doesn’t hold grudges with life or others. Her hippie, zen-style love is a unique expression of how artistic, beautiful, and strong she truly is. She’s a fighter, full of courage.

Even now, remarried for 20 years and about to embark on her 60th year of life, she continues to amaze me. Pam’s fortitude is astounding—when many others would have thrown in the towel, she is the cheerleader at her best friend’s bedside, she is chauffeur, comrade, and loving caregiver. She is “Grammie Pammie”—greatest storyteller, boo-boo kisser, mentor, friend, forgiver, lover, soul-filled, true-blue love in the flesh, what you see is what you get, the closest thing to Heaven in regards to genuineness and wisdom incarnate. She take life’s sourest lemons and makes the freshest and freakin’ best-tasting lemonade.

I could go on and on and sing this woman’s praises. We have had our fair share of hard times and heart-to-hearts. Few will get that privilege, but I promise you, her ripple effect is astronomical. Whether the world chooses to acknowledge her contributions or not, Pamela Gaylord, Mama, you will always be a world-class champion in my book.


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