What It Means to Be a Mother : A Love Letter to My Girls


I’ve always wanted to be a mom, no questions about it. And now that I am, I finally understand what it means to be a mother.  This makes me eternally grateful that I have such a great mom of my own to look up to. So, in honor of my first Mother’s Day as a mama to (now) two little babes, I’m writing them a love letter about what they mean to me.

Love Letter to My Girls

Harper and Indy,

Being your mama means that I’ve wished for you, loved you and recognized your little souls since the moment I knew you were entering our lives. Since your very first breaths, you’ve completely captivated my entire world. I never completely understood when people would say that the love you have for your child is unconditional and incomparable to anything else; now I do. Watching you learn to crawl, then walk and run (sometimes falling in the process), are some of my most thrilling moments. And even though being a mom means many sleepless nights, kissing bumps and bruises, crying, and sometimes wanting to pull my hair out, it also means watching you become who you are meant to be. My wish for you both is to always stay true to yourselves, to be courageous, happy, independent, loving and caring.  I can’t wait for the years to come and the chance to watch you grow. As I write this, Indy, you’re only a week old and I’m already sad about you being out of this baby stage. The nights are very long but the days are literally flying by. And Harper, since Indy’s arrival you seem so much older.  It makes me miss the baby days but really appreciate who you are now at this point in time. You both are the very best part of me, my greatest achievement. You are both a blessing and a gift. I’ll love you forever and always because there will never be a moment in time that my love will end. Thank you for making me yours.

Love always,

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!


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Ashley is just a sunshine loving girl who married a handsome cowboy. They’ve been married since 2011 and have a wild little girl, Harper Grey, and another girl due to arrive in April 2016. Her husband was born and raised in AZ, and though she is originally from a small town in Ohio, she has lived here for more than 18 years. She’s a hairstylist, though has embraced more of the stay-at-home-mama life these days. She has a passion for DIY projects, photography, going on adventures, style, and capturing all the little moments in between. She runs the Sunshine & Lullabies blog, where she gets to fully embrace her love for writing and photography.


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