Haircut tips for toddlers & kids


One of the biggest surprises to me as a Boy Mom was how often and how expensive haircuts can be for such small amounts of hair! It seems like with my two little guys we are at the hair salon at least once a month.

I thought I’d let everyone in on some tricks which help me make it in and out quickly, with no to little meltdowns!

1. Have an appointment – my 4 year old and 1 year old can only be patient for so long, so instead of burning their patience in the waiting area, I choose salons that offer appointment times or online check-in.

2. Finding a Stylist who Loves Kids – wiggles and giggles isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, we have found great success in going to places like Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids where stylists are super kid friendly and look to make the experience fun. When you find a stylist who connects with your kiddo, be sure to put their name in your phone so when you call ahead to book them for next time.

3. Divide and Conquer – I mentioned earlier we’re at the salon monthly, that is because I only get one kid’s hair cut each time we go. It’s easier on the budget and ensures that valuable patience doesn’t run out.

4. Wear the Baby – if it’s older brothers turn to get his hair cut, I make sure to bring the baby carrier, lots of salons will allow you to accompany your child, but the same many usually won’t allow other children to go back with you. In this circumstance I simply wear my youngest, which keeps him safe and happy.

5. Entertainment – for my oldest we bring a electronic device for him to play on to each trip. He can play games while he gets his hair cut which keeps him still, or if it’s baby brothers turn for a hair cut, big brother will happily plant himself in a waiting room chair with a game.
6. Snacks – I know I’m not alone in the fact that I bring snacks on every outing, just in case. But our most recent stylist lovingly acknowledged my youngest as the cookiemonster, he happily chomped down belveta crackers while rocking her brightest monster smock. And if you’re wondering – yes, it’s a messy situation, hair does get mixed in, but when a 14 month old sits happily kicked back in a chair by himself allowing someone to cut his hair, it’s worth going with the flow.

What about you? Any tips or tricks you’ve used to keep kids happy during trips to the salon? Leave us a comment below with your successes or lessons learned from taking kids to get their hair cut.

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Katie and her husband have called North Phoenix home since 2009. Katie is fully embracing boy mom life, as the mother to an energetic 3 year old who is known to introduce himself by saying “Hi, my name is Colton, I have fast shoes.” Katie is also welcoming a brand new baby boy scheduled to make his arrival mid-April 2017. In her spare time you will find Katie searching out the best deals for anything and everything or trying out new apps, software, and products that will increase her efficiency so she has more time to partake in her favorite activities: relaxing with her boys, taking power naps, and learning new skills! As someone who loves school and plans to be a lifelong learner Katie received her Bachelor of Science in Individualized Studies: Business & Marketing Education from Central Washington University in 2008 and then continued her studies at the University of Arizona where she obtained her Master’s in Higher Education with an emphasis in Access & Success in 2010. While working at ITT Technical Institute Katie was able to earn her MBA in 2012. She is an educational professional with almost 10 years experience in Career and Technical Education and Higher Education. She is passionate about assisting individuals in gaining success through access to education and career opportunities.


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