Got Behavior Problems?


Life tends to have its ups and downs. Just when you think everything is great, you may be thrown a curve ball. My oldest is 5 and he has just entered his first year of elementary school. He tends to be my more passive child, who in preschool was always the last out of the classroom, he never really throws a fit about anything, and gives his younger siblings everything, there was never a fight with him-until NOW! This summer I was thrown that curve ball and been completely blind sided by it. The tantrums, the “feel sorry for me” attitude, the I’m going to cry about everything and go hide in my room. YES, all of this over night! OK, so he’s just having anxieties about going to Kindergarten – I get it! Well school has started. He is a GREAT student in class, very nice to his classmates and his teacher etc. But still so rude to his parents and grandparents who help out with him on days that I work. After many talks with him and Google searches . I came up with a behavior chart {kind of like a chores chart} I made my own chart in Microsoft Word; that way I can put my own action plans on his chart. Although, there are many behavior charts online I chose to make my own. I wrote things like….

Listened to Adults

Used My Manners

Good Sportsmanship

Pick Up After Yourself

Be Happy

Be Kind to My Siblings


Now, I also did this for each day of the week, then set a reward like “Go to laser tag at the end of the week”, or get a new toy of  choice. Obviously this is something you can create on your own to fit your lifestyle or child’s needs and wants.

After the very first day, this is the picture I got from my mom.


Its worked so far and I hope if you are having the same problem I am, that this help you too!! 🙂 Also if your looking for a template please leave a comment with your email address and I will send you my template to work off of.




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