Toddler Boys


I write this today, feeling like no longer a mother of an infant, but a full fledged toddler. It changed in an instant it seems, and now I am desperate for tips, tricks, book recommendations. I feel like I am frantically asking everyone because I fear I will “mess up” this crucial age. It is no longer caring for a baby, it is molding a persons life!

My son turned 15 months old last week and BOOM, not a baby. He started running, climbing, growling, yelling “no” and so on.  I wanted to cry as we sat in the doctors office last week, and he opened cabinets, swatted the doctors hands away, tried to open the door and leave. I just sat there, thinking, ‘where is my baby? who is this kid? who’s kid IS THIS?’ ha.

I find myself at a challenging shift as a mother. I kind of don’t know how to deal with it, or better yet, how to accept it and just keep moving. Keeping up with this toddler boy is kicking my butt. I know so many moms say the baby stage ends quickly, but I rarely hear anyone say its a hard transition into toddlerhood. I am finding it very hard. Its sad in some ways, tiring in most.

Don’t get me wrong, this age is also fun. Learning who he is is a complete joy. It is fun hearing him talk and seeing him learn. We were sorting laundry the other day and he found one of his baby socks, and he tried putting it on his foot. I don’t think he’s worn socks in 6 months so this surprised me and we laughed. He also loves yelling at our dog, Delilah, saying “da-la-la!”. Its so cute. I love this little active boy of mine.

But seriously, I need book recommendations.


  1. You are not alone. My almost preschooler hit that overnight toddler transition at 20 months. He hasn’t slowed down since. It’s a struggle daily. A head strong, stubborn boy makes for an exhausting day.

  2. Nope, definitely not alone. My now 3 1/2 year old son hit the “terrible twos” at a mere 15 months (right around the same time as yours seems to be). I too find so much joy in my son and I love hearing him talk (now he even prays by himself). It’s beautiful watching him learn, explore, and grow into this mini unique person. All the lovey dovey stuff aside, though, it has also been a disaster for me. I find myself questioning motherhood on a regular basis…suddenly I became that parent that I said I would never be…the one that won’t go to the grocery store with my kid because all he will do is scream and ignore everything I say, I have to lock his door for naptime or he will NEVER go to sleep (dont judge, haha, it works and I unlock it within minutes as soon as he falls asleep), and the list goes on. My son seems to mostly only be this way with me though…at church and daycare, they say he is always very well behaved. Lucky me. LOL. I literally cringe at the thought of taking him anywhere else because I know I will just be chasing him the whole time! That adorable little boy tests me daily and often wins the battle, but I fight on. My ped suggested a book called 1 2 3 Magic for help with discipline. I liked what I read, but didnt get too far and had to take it back to the library. It is ALWAYS on hold there so it must be good.


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