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It’s getting hotter every day here in Phoenix…90s already? How did that happen? Makes me thirsty just thinking about the dry heat jokes that are about to become a daily occurrence.  Thankfully, I only have to walk to my kitchen, where I have filtered tap water, nice and cold, at my fingertips. Or bottled water (always recycle!) in the fridge…even colder! And clean, clear ice cubes to make ANY drink perfectly chilled.

What if you didn’t have running water in your home? Or had to walk mile upon mile to an open pond to get your water, and when you got there, it was full of contaminants and mud? And then you had to carry it all the way home again?

water diseases 2

That’s the reality for so many moms and families in this world. But Elevate Coffee and Water for Kids International is doing something about it, and so can you! The 3rd Annual Walk 4 Water will take place on April 2, 2016, from 9am – noon, at Elevate Coffee in Norterra. You can sign up to walk (it’s only 3 miles), support a registered walker, or just go for the fun party on the Elevate patio. There will be prizes, free snacks, live music, and a silent auction, too. Kids are welcome, of course!

water for kids event

Funds raised from this event will help drill freshwater wells for BUGUBO VILLAGE, located in eastern Uganda and pronounced (boo-goo-BOW). The number of people impacted by your generosity includes 5,600 children and 3,500 adults, including the people from the surrounding villages of Bukonde, Kakandawa, Buswiriri and Bukaye.

well dedication

Their goal is to raise $10,500 and they’re only about 21% of the way there. Won’t you join them? Moms and kids, walking for moms and kids, to make sure everyone has safe drinking water. What could be better on a beautiful spring day in North Phoenix?

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Lori is an Arizona native, a wife, mother of five, and most recently…a grandmother! She and her husband love traveling through wine country in Arizona and California, and one day hope to open a their own winery. Currently employed as the statewide fundraising manager for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), Lori and her family enjoy volunteering together, and she hopes to highlight many opportunities for North Phoenix Moms and their families to do the same.


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