Surprise! Here Comes Another Baby!


Surprise Baby on the Way

Surprise!  Here comes another baby!

Let me take you back to this past November… we had a newly 2 year-old and a newly 5 year-old.  We could see that light at the end of diapers and were preparing our oldest for kindergarten and our youngest for preschool. All our “baby stuff” was in the garage ready to be given away or donated. We were moving onto the next stage of our life as a family.  Friends and family would ask, “Are you gonna have another baby?” Our usual response was a quick “No!” followed by something like, “We can’t even handle these two as it is!”

Haha! Oh, how I have recently learned that it is not our plan, it is His! Or maybe at least we should have been a little more careful and permanent in our planning!  Well, I was late and then surprise …  a pregnancy test confirmed my fear, and shock set in.  This was not the plan!  I was not ready for this! After some tears, I told my husband in the most un-cute and un-exciting way.  I actually just blurted it out on the way to church.  There were many repeated, “What are we going to do?” ramblings from me followed by many, “We’re gonna have another baby” statements from him.

A week or so later, we decided we needed to tell our extended families.  I needed it to be real and getting the word out would help me process it all.  Our daughter was so excited about the news and told our families.  Some jumped for joy while others sat in shock. Fast forward to the first doctor appointment and ultrasound.  That unreal feeling of seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat was enough to spark something in me. All of a sudden, this baby went from being unplanned to being an unplanned miracle.

The next appointment was another confirmation for me.  This one was just an appointment to see the doctor.  Then, the doctor couldn’t find the heartbeat… terror set in.  An ultrasound was scheduled and I had to return to the waiting room and sit…and wait…and wait.  Thoughts went through my head of guilt.  Was this my fault because I was so against the pregnancy in the beginning? Finally, they called me in for the ultrasound and there was the baby flipping all around.  At that point, I felt more relief than I can explain.

As I sit here writing this blog post, I am almost half-way through this pregnancy and awaiting our gender reveal ultrasound tomorrow, all I can say is “Wow! What a journey this thing called motherhood is: fears, surprises and all!”

I would love to hear about your “surprise babies” in the comments below!


Photo credit: EMF Photography


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