DIY Chalkboard Kids Ornaments




So it’s nearly here! Christmas is coming and we are all just about out of time! What does that mean?! FAST + INEXPENSIVE projects for the WIN! So I bring to you one of the quickest DIY projects I have ever done and at about $.25 you just can’t beat the price tag on these ADORABLE ornaments. This year we decided to let our kids have a little Christmas tree. The cost was about $20 for the mini tree so to decorate it I wanted to really keep it on the low cost side. Que some amazing Dollar Spot items from Target….DUH!


I already had these amazing chalkboard tags and chalkboard pen on hand for a fun project with results that made this momma BEAM with PRIDE. I mean it! I’m considering laminating these ornaments so that the sweet drawings can’t be erased. We used just the two Dollar Spot items that gave me 8 tags…I might have used 2 for gifts already and that’s why you’re only seeing 6 sketched tags for this project. Hehe!


We simply let the kiddos sketch away. What was so nice about this craft is they could start over again if they didn’t like the results of the sketch on a particular tag. Can we say like mother like daughter?! She had to erased and redo a few of these…note the paper towel in the image below.


And in minutes we had some amazing little works of art that I would love to keep for years to come!


Hurry and grab your chalkboard tags and do this project for relatives, teachers or anyone that would love a work of art from your little one! Happy Holidays to you all and don’t forget to hashtag us at #westvalleymoms with your ornaments if you take on this cute Christmas craft!

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