Cubles: The Perfect Hands-On Activity For Kids


With distance learning and the pandemic, I think it’s extra important right now that I find engaging activities for my kids that don’t involve a screen. One of my latest favorites is Cubles.

Cubles are 3D paperboard figures that you and your kids can build. They are made in the USA and 100% recyclable. They come in a sleek, small package and are extremely user friendly. When you open the package, everything is labeled and ready to punch out and put together. No other tools or resources are needed!

Ashton Cubles building
Cubles flat

On the Cubles website, they list these age-based guidelines:

Ages 3-6: a great activity to do together.
Ages 6-8:
 may require assistance assembling their Cuble.
Ages 8-12: may require guidance to learn how to assemble their first Cuble.
Ages 12+: will likely not require assistance or guidance.
Adults: ask a kid.  Just kidding. ๐Ÿ™‚  Cubles are fun for you too!

I found these guidelines to be spot on. My 6 year old only needed only a small explanation and a tiny bit of help. He mainly built his Cuble on his own. My 4 year old needed more help, but he was able to put together some of it independently. Both of my kids were engaged the entire time we were putting them together, and I had lots of fun building them too! My kids didn’t get bored, and they didn’t leave the table until we were done. This is so rare for my 4 year old, as he can lose interest easily sometimes.

To me, Cubles is like a puzzle that involves STEM, origami, critical thinking, and fun! My boys and I built the ones from the animal set, but they have so many options to choose from! Some of the other set options include a fantasy set, dinosaur set, medieval set, and a space set. Cubles also sells single options including a t-rex, dragon, unicorn, statue of liberty, cat, dog, princess, prince, and so many others.

Another cool thing about Cubles is that they have moving parts. Their heads, arms, and legs move. My kids spent time playing with them together, and they were laughing and having fun. In addition, Cubles are extremely affordable. 

I highly recommend Cubles for your kids, and I can’t wait to order more myself.

Ashton Cubles built
B cubles built



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