Zoo Lights

Around the holidays, a fun tradition that we have started since we have had our kids is going to Zoo Lights!  Our kids love the zoo, so throw in some Christmas lights and music...

Fall Fun Series: Outdoor Adventures

    Fall has arrived!  In Arizona, the fall season is always welcomed because it finally brings the cooler temperatures that we (and our children) have been missing!  I know my children are usually going stir-crazy...


  One activity that my kids love to do is playdough.  I, too, remember being at preschool as a young child and one of my favorite things was making and playing with peanut butter playdough. You...

You are Your Child’s Parent!

I always enjoy when my children's grandparents, whether it be my parents or my in-laws, come into town for a visit.  In our family, visits from grandparents include chatting and catching up of course,...

Welcoming my Twins

The majority of pregnancies with multiples start getting "exciting" much sooner than those of singletons.  Because of this, my story needs a little intro leading up to their actual birth.  It was definitely a...

Product Review: Baby Brezza

One of the first big milestones in a baby's life is getting to try real food.  As a parent, there are a few options to consider with baby food, with the main one being:...

Teaching Responsibility

Parenting can feel like you're living in the here-and-now, just trying to make it through each day (and sometimes each hour). Certain days I tell myself, "If I can only make it to bedtime!"...
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