Zoo Lights


Around the holidays, a fun tradition that we have started since we have had our kids is going to Zoo Lights!  Our kids love the zoo, so throw in some Christmas lights and music and it is even more exciting.


This year, Zoo Lights runs from November 22, 2012 to January 6, 2013.  It occurs every night from 6-10pm.

Ticket prices are:

For Sunday through Thursday

$9 for a zoo member

$10 for a non-member

For any night of the week

$13 for a zoo member

$14 for a non-member

**Non-members can go to any Fry’s grocery store and buy “any night of the week” tickets for $13 (saving a dollar per ticket).

Tickets can also be purchased at the zoo, online at phoenix zoo.org, or over the phone at 602-273-1341

Also, kids 2 and younger are FREE.


Our favorite sights from this years Zoo Lights included:

  • The lion
  • The peacock
  • The spider
  • The swinging monkeys
  • Jengo the talking giraffe (kids can ask questions and talk to Jengo and she will answer with responses!)
  • The Music in Motion show on the lake


Go buy your tickets, get your friends and family together, bring some hot chocolate and make Zoo Lights part of your family tradition!



*Zoo pictures credited to phoenixzoo.org


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