De-Stress Your December with These Three Simple Tips


December has a reputation for being a stressful month no matter what holiday you celebrate. Adding an elaborate agenda to accomplish in December will only send your household into a tailspin and your blood pressure through the roof. The guaranteed results of holiday stress are tantrums from the kids and tears for you. The key is deciding what kind of experience you want to create and meshing your expectations with your family. December should be a month to turn inward to your family, to create more warmth, light, and peace in your home. Following the tips below will help de-stress your December. 

  1. Have family time. Use the holidays to have some wonderful, deep time with each member of your immediate family. Family time offers many benefits, including building confidence, creating a stronger emotional bond between family members, improving communication skills, better performance in school and reduced behavioral issues, as well as providing an opportunity to make memories built on fun, laughter, and togetherness. Your whole family will start the year feeling energized and connected. 
  2. Give thoughtful handmade gifts. You and your child can create a gift/craft for the recipient while enjoying time with each other and feeling good about your choice of gift. Handmade gifts often let the recipient feel that they are loved. In addition, a handmade gift lets someone feel extra special because you chose to spend your time creating something just for them. Did I mention it also helps you stay within budget? If you are crafting more than one gift, you can buy supplies and make multiple gifts out of them (like handmade jewelry or ornaments) which will help you save money. Give it a try this year! 
  3. Find Meaning. During the holiday season, we are often reminded that it’s important to give back. Take a moment to remind your kids that they have a lot to be grateful for, while also encouraging empathy for others by teaching them about children who are facing hunger. Grow your heart three sizes this year by giving just a few hours of your time to your local food bank or food pantry. It won’t cost you anything, but the feeling of helping your neighbors in need during the holiday season is priceless. Get in touch with your local food bank to learn more about volunteer opportunities or how to donate. Through your example, your kids begin to discover the spirit of the season and feel the gift of being angels to others.

Wishing you stress free holidays filled with lots of joy. Share your favorite ways to de-stress your December in the comments.



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