3 Beautiful + Easy to Make DIY Fall Wreaths


Can you guys believe that it’s November already?! I sure can’t but I am super excited to decorate for the holidays. I wanted to do a super easy DIY fall wreath for those of you who want to get creative but may not have a ton of free time. This would be perfect for a girl’s night crafting party or even a kid’s crafting party.  Basically, use this as an excuse to get together with friends!  

DIY Fall WreathI bought everything for these wreaths at Michael’s, except for the boxwood wreath (that I found at Target). Here’s an example supply list depending on which direction you’d like to go with yours:

Fall Y’all Wreath:

  • Wicker wreath
  • 4-6 yards of wire edged ribbon – I went with a sparkly burlap to run with my fall theme. Definitely go with the wire edged so the ribbon holds its shape – nothing festive about a droopy wreath!
  • Pine cones – I went with the ones that smell like cinnamon – yum!
  • Mini chalkboard & chalk marker – I wrote Fall Y’all but you can write whatever you want – get creative!
  • String or yarn to shape the ribbon
  • Hot glue gun

Initial Wreath:

  • Wicker wreath
  • Wire edged ribbon
  • Faux flowers, succulents or pine cones
  • Wood ‘initial’ letter and paint
  • Hot glue gun

Boxwood Wreath:

  • Wire edged ribbon
  • Hot glue gun

DIY Fall Wreaths

Fall Ya’ll

Here’s the trick with the ribbon: make loops with a big length of ribbon and then secure one end with yarn or string. Stick that end into the wicker wreath and then pull the ribbon apart and glue into place. I spaced my ribbon out leaving room for the pine cones and sign. I wrote on my fall sign, glued in place, and then glued the pine cones around it. Easy peasy and super quick.

DIY Fall Wreaths

DIY Fall Wreaths


Glue down whatever decoration you chose. I went with warm toned faux flowers.  Paint your initial and then glue in place. Finish it off with a big bow and then hang!


This is the easiest one of the bunch! All you do is make big loop of ribbon and glue together. Then make your bow and glue to the loop so that you can remove the ribbon without damaging the wreath if you want it without. Hang it up and go. This would also be perfect to add some holiday themed ribbon to for Christmas!

boxwoodAnd there you have it. Seriously some of the easiest projects that you could pick .  I love the way a wreath can change the decor of a house. I might have a bit of an obsession though… I have 2 or 3 in the house, one on my front door and one on the back door too!

headerHappy Fall Y’all!  Hope you have fun getting crafty!  

If you love holiday decor, add #nphxmoms on Instagram so we can see what you put up!


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