The “YOU” Inside All Of Those Hats


I had this thought in my head about the many hats people wear. We all have at least one hat, but many of us have way more than we have counted. How often do you think about the person inside of the hat? The one that is often last to have their needs met because we tend to put others first. The one who really just wants to run along a sandy beach without a care in the world. Don’t worry if you don’t like beaches; envision yourself doing whatever it is you like to do. Do you like snowy ski slopes? Do you like sitting at the base of a tree in the middle of the woods? Do you like staring at the moon and stars while sitting on your porch? Me…me…that is my favorite.

Let’s talk hats

Mom hat- She may be the one that you see grocery shopping at 8am after dropping the kids off. She could be the mom rushing to drop off her kids and head to work. She could be the mom running her business in between making meals, cleaning messes, tending to screaming kids. How ever you wear this hat it’s probably the most rewarding. Or not. Just kidding.

Chef hat- This is the hat I like the least. It likes to fall off into the fire and burn up sometimes. I am reaching out to the moms that like to cut their kids sandwiches into tiny shapes. We should have a play date at your house. You cook and I will buy. Are you the mom that orders take out just so you can get an extra hour to yourself while driving home from work? Oh, you know traffic.

Volunteer hat- Either voluntarily, or you were voluntold, you are there with a smile helping out with whatever endeavor your child is participating in at this moment. Store bought or homemade? Kids don’t care all they see is SUGAR….and guess what hat gets to take this super energy home to run around and make a mess.

Maid hat- Since we are talking messes it’s time to change hats again. Do you ever really take this hat off? I think this hat stays on under all the others. Look, there is that missing sock. You know, that match to the one you just threw out last week because it’s been missing for a year.

Teacher hat- I kind of want to go to a parent teacher camp. You know, where teachers sit down with parents and teach them how to teach their kids. I mean really! I was amazed watching my son’s teacher manage 60 kids during run club. While my 3 run in different directions in the house and I have to play eeny meeny miny moe catch a kid by their toe. Wait! Those camps don’t exist? Well there is a business idea for a teacher.

What about your hat?

I could list a ton of hats but you get the gist. Now back to the “YOU” inside those hats. Are you finding time for yourself? Do you remember to do something each day that “YOU” like to do? I am still trying to make sure I find time for myself. I get wrapped up in the day to day and forget to take time for myself. I currently have a goal to give myself at least an hour a day. Check back in a few to see how it went. You wear hundreds of hats, okay maybe not a hundreds, but some days feel that way. If you have worn those hats for so long you have forgotten what “YOU” like to do. It’s time to take off those hats each day and figure it out. In the words of my old therapist, maybe “YOU” need a hobby. I thank her for that advice. If you discover a new hobby you enjoy, please share, I would love to hear about it.



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