Go City San Diego: Affordable Tips for Arizonans


I love living in Arizona, don’t you? While others may find themselves in negative wind chill and having to scrape ice off of their windshields or bundling up to stay warm throughout other parts of the country, nine times out of ten, I’m happily shoveling sunshine.

The advantage of living in Arizona is that we have lovely weather (mostly) year-round. We can enjoy the outdoors at our leisure. Sure, during the summer months, Phoenicians suffer, feeling like we’re in a hellacious oven or like our skin is going to melt, but the trade-offs? We DO have access to lengthier pool time, AC, and can escape to different areas of the state to enjoy better temps and climates. When itching to travel somewhere outside the state, we are only a hop, skip, and jaunt away from some affordable and family-friendly places.

When we crave the inviting salty air, desire to feel the sand between our toes, or jump the waves with our kids, San Diego is a hot spot that should be on your radar. Are you trying to plan a Spring Break trip, weekend getaway, or summer vacation? With its constantly perfect weather, you could be chilling at one of San Diego’s most coveted coastal waterfronts in record time—all within a 5.5-hour drive or 45-minute plane ride.

One of the best tips for enjoying “America’s Finest City” and getting the most bang for your buck? Look into purchasing an all-inclusive Go City San Diego pass. Here you will find so many savings on outings in this pristine city of magnificent beaches and fun.

Groupon, Rakuten, California family-friendly websites, or your credit card portal usually offer some discount to save $10- $15 off per pass. (You can even sometimes stack savings that provide cashback options or travel points). For a two-day pass, I paid $150. This allowed me to pick and choose from over 55 attractions that had I bought individual tickets for, I would have spent an astronomical amount. For this one Go City price, some of the places I enjoyed would have easily cost $60+ for admission per person. Instead, all I had to do was choose the attractions I wanted to visit and scan my barcode at the gate upon entry. (Please note, due to Covid, some attractions require reservations ahead of time, so please plan accordingly). On my trip, I chose to visit Legoland, Sea World, and the San Diego Zoo. With these admission prices alone, I saved over $60 utilizing this pass.

Some other key places worth visiting in San Diego that you have access to on this pass are Knotts Berry Farm, Balboa Park and local museums, aquariums, harbor cruises, kayak, biking, snorkel rentals, and more! Another fabulous offering is their flexible cancellation policy: Go City states, “For all customers that purchase passes from September 1, 2020, onwards, you can now obtain refunds on unused passes for up to 90 days after purchase, as outlined in our terms and conditions. If your request falls outside of this 90-day window, you will not be eligible for a refund but will have two years in which to use your pass.” (Please see go city.com/sandiego for more information).

Do you desire to visit an affordable and excellent place like San Diego? Plan on utilizing the Go City pass? Please keep me posted on your adventures!



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