Thanksgiving Celebration – Pie Bar {Party}


When it comes to Thanksgiving celebrations, I feel like there are two types of families. The family that begins their sit-down feast promptly at 4pm, and the family that grazes all day to celebrate. My family has always leaned more towards the multi-course meal beginning late afternoon. I’ve found that by the time we have eaten our main meal however, no one is ready for dessert.

Thanksgiving Day Pie Bar

So, I thought this year, I might do a pie bar and combine a sit down dinner, and free for all buffet Thanksgiving celebration. This way family and friends can eat dessert whenever their stomachs will allow them. . . . or whenever the sweat pants come on.

Fabric cake topper on apple pie for Thanksgiving dessert bar

DIY pie platter using a gold candlestick

I pulled this pie bar together with things that I had around the house. One party styling tip I have is use what you have! Do you have a dresser, table, or desk that can serve as a buffet? I used a small tall table I have in my entry way for my pie bar. Do you have knick-knacks around the house? I typically have the old scale and books on my mantle, but I borrowed them for my pie bar. Lastly, one of my favorite things to use for party styling is candle sticks. I use candle sticks to make cake platters all the time! In fact, the ones I used for this pie bar are from Goodwill, and have probably been spray painted 10 different colors.

Fall dessert bar with apple and pumpkin pie

Instead of putting a tub of ice cream out, I put individual servings in vintage cut crystal glasses to make the table a bit more glam.

Individual ice cream servings in crystal champagne flutes

DIY garland made from doilies

To pull the whole look together, I made a simple “pie bar” sign using doilies and letter stickers and layered it over a fabric garland I had from another party.



A pie bar would be a sure hit with your family and friends!!  Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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