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With the craze of all the food trucks around town, it can be hard to decide which truck to grab a bite from.  We really are blessed with some amazing food concepts on wheels and I’ve been dying to get some Waffle Love in my belly since the day they hit the scene.  I wish that I had the time to chase trucks down more often but the reality is, I don’t.  I do hit up the Uptown Farmer’s Market on a regular basis and when I saw that Waffle Love was going to be present this last week, I screamed for joy and so did my taste buds!

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Waffle Love started up in 2012 with a dream from owner Adam Terry and a blessing from his wife Melissa.  Their story of starting the truck up is one that starts because they had nothing left to lose and they let go of fear and took a chance.  One that took off and has helped them stay out of banking jobs they didn’t enjoy and a way to finally take care of their kids and to have a stable, happy future.  Since 2012, they have expanded quite a bit with other trucks in different states and two brick and mortar locations, one just opening recently in Gilbert.  Congrats guys, we love seeing success, it’s well deserved and oh so delicious!

I stood by the blue truck and read the menu, trying to decide which waffle should be my first.  The waffle works had my name written all over it, their liege waffle with biscoff, strawberries and cream.  I waited, quite impatiently (what, I was hangry!) and then it appeared at the window.  A crsipy, sugary waffle, topped with a glorious amount of cream.  Hiding beneath the cream was biscoff and those fresh strawberries.  I let my husband have a tiny bite but that was it, I finished that sucker up good and called it a successful breakfast.  If you’re not into biscoff, you can top your liege waffle with nutella, or cream, or enjoy it plain, it’ll be just as good.

If you want to track down Waffle Love, you can find their truck schedule and more information on them here:


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Diana was raised on the beach in San Diego eating ox tail and cow’s tongue, which helped form her love of water and all things edible. She spent a lot of her childhood in Seattle, where her family currently lives but moved down to Phoenix 10 years ago with her husband. Currently she plays ninjas and dragons with her two sons, Kellan and Carter, and eats her way through town for her blog, AZFoodie. Diana loves sharing the foodie culture in Phoenix and is thrilled to see it growing. You’ll find her chowing down all over town, laughing with the Chefs and schmoozing at the local food events.



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