Terrible Twos? No. Horrendous Threes? Yes!


Dear Three Year Old,

I am not sure what you did with my sweet child, but I want him back! I know your brain is growing and you are trying to figure things out, but you have made it really tough for mama lately. 

I am not sure when everything changed, but all of a sudden you are questioning everything I am asking you to do.  I get it. You are pushing boundaries, learning what is right and wrong.  I am doing everything I can to turn you into a respectful and likable person, but sometimes you just seem to be unkind.


terrible twos

Lately, you make me want to not take you in public, for fear that you will run away from me or have a screaming fit when I tell you “no.”  I am hoping this is a phase, a short phase.  You see the looks we are getting.  Some of pity, some of misunderstanding, and some of just plain disapproval. In all honesty, son, I don’t care what they think; they don’t know we are in an all out war most of time time.  I know we aren’t the only ones going through this battle. 

I know my sweet child is in there. I see glimpses of him from time to time. When you hug me and tell me I am your favorite mommy, or when I ask you to do something and you give me your old “yeah, sure.” Side note: you also seem to know just when I need this and make it happen. Thank you.  Maybe we can come to an understanding…

You stop with the whining and I won’t lose my cool.  You remember that you have to listen to mommy and daddy and we will keep the time outs to a minimum.  Just make good decisions and you can keep all your cars, I promise. 

I am learning right along with you kid, and I’m hopeful that we will get through this. 

I love you always and forever, no matter what.


All joking aside, I am not sure who coined the term “terrible twos” but they were for sure wrong. Three, for us, has been by far the most challenging.  Most of the time I feel like we are in straight up survival mode, us vs. him (he is winning). Maybe we are too hard on him or our standards are too high, but I refuse to let him think there are no consequences for his actions. 

Please tell me I am not alone in this, that I am not losing my mind and it WILL pass.  Anyone else going through the horrendous threes?



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