Spring Cleaning? Who REALLY has Time for that?


It did not take me long to learn that cleaning my home is definitely more difficult to accomplish and maintain when you add kids into the equation. I will admit that ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed organizing my things and making sure my room was kept as tidy as can be. It was so bad that my family would poke fun at me for the hours I spent strategically arranging everything I owned, and once I got to college my roommates would refer to me as Monica Geller (oh, how I loved Friends) when I would go on a cleaning rampage.

That said, it has been quite a challenge figuring out how to keep a house clean that includes a 4 year old, a 1 year old and two dogs that think they own the place. It truly is a victory if I can keep at least one room intact for more than a day. There are many times where I feel like Cinderella before she met that wonderful woman we all know as the Fairy Godmother. Unfortunately, I don’t think she will be paying me a visit anytime soon. 

So … here is how I am surviving in the meantime.  

spring cleaning

I recently discovered a website called The Spruce which lately has become one of my new obsessions. Their motto is “make your best home,” which immediately caught my attention. This site offers a selection of articles all directed towards cleaning and organizing, but I also enjoy all the other topics they cover, from food recipes to home repairs.

Next up, I must mention the very popular book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I am sure most of you have already heard about this one, but if you haven’t it provides a clever plan on how to de-clutter your space. I have not experienced this life-changing magic yet, but I also haven’t found the time to follow through with this minimalist approach. If only there was a way to add more hours to my day because this method makes sense; less stuff equals less mess.

So far following a weekly cleaning schedule has been the most convenient way for me to stay on top of all the housework.  Breaking it down to a few tasks a day feels much more manageable than attempting to tackle everything all at once. This is a lesson us moms learn rather quickly after our kiddos become mobile. Here is a lesson that has taken me a little longer to comprehend: let it go.

Let’s be honest, my house is not going to be featured in magazines anytime soon, unless I had Joanna Gaines (aka my fairy godmother) over for a month. Instead of fretting over all the undone chores I am learning to focus on devoting my time to my two little girls. They grow up too fast and I don’t want to miss it because I was too busy cleaning.


  1. Yes! They need us mamas. Our homes might not look like a magazine right now, but their hearts need those minutes.


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