Self-Care – Yes, You Need to Care About It


As a mom, there are days where running away and becoming a monk, just to get a moment of silence, sounds oddly appealing. These days usually precede sleepless nights, whiny days, missed naps, and tantrum-fueled meltdowns. Most importantly, these days precede a lack of self-care and alone time.


This has been the cycle in my case. Busy life, busy days completely and utterly fixed on all things kid, lack of intimate time with hubby and abandoning hobbies that make me uniquely me … this all creates the perfect storm. In turn, I am left mentally, physically and emotionally drained, demanding alone time.

These demands are usually met with welcome arms and rearranging of schedules. Afterwards I’m left wondering why this cycle continues. Why can’t I make self-care a priority BEFORE I turn into the Loch Ness Monster?

I am left with one answer, TAKE TIME TO DO YOU with some SELF-CARE.

Recently I took this advice and made it a priority to do something that gave me joy before baby – snowboarding.

My sister and I went on a day trip up north and spent the day snowboarding, kid free. While snowboarding I felt clear headed, grateful, blessed and confident. The sense of accomplishment was overwhelming; I still had it. My confidence level was insane; I could still do the things I used to do before baby. I officially earned my COOL mom badge and wore it proud. That was until I could not move the next morning, but that is beside the point.

The point is that it is important to take time to do something that makes you feel like yourself, especially as a mom. Whether that is going to the gym, hiking, dancing, having a night out with girlfriends, or even snowboarding, we all need time for ourselves in order to be the best wife, mom, and friend. Self-care is important. Don’t fool yourself.

I challenge you to schedule one day a month for self-care. What does that look like to you? What self-care activity makes you feel uniquely you?


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