Rest … Is There Such a Thing for Moms?


Every time someone would ask me if I would go back to work when my youngest went to school I would emphatically say “no.” I would explain that I want to rest and have some time to feel like I’m on top of my regular activities. Well, come August my youngest will be going to pre-k for half the day and this day people have been asking me about is suddenly in sight.

restRewind to last week … I was approached with an opportunity to work in a school part-time. I was SELECTED as their first preferred candidate. Whoa. This never, ever happens to me. It’s like being picked first in team selection. They wanted ME! So of course I let flattery take over and I considered it. 

For me, considering it means I first pray and then seek advice from those who I admire/respect. As I did this, the continual message coming at me was REST. Even at church, the sermon was on REST. So, I’m listening to it and doing just that. 

But then I started thinking … before this opportunity came to me I was affirmative in my “no” to friends and acquaintances when asked if I would go back to work. I actually sometimes laughed when I said no because in my mind there was no question. So, I started asking myself why I even remotely considered working part-time in a school?  I came up with the following: 

1) My pride was elevated because they actually chose ME!

2) I feel as moms we sometimes think we need to do all the things. 

3) Having the extra funds would have been nice. 

I want to talk about number two a bit more. Why do we think we need to be able to do all the things? Why can’t we just be ok being stay at home moms without adding more stress to the mix of having to do more for the sake of looking good to others? Now, I’m totally speaking for myself here, but hoping some of you can relate. When I look at Instagram or Facebook I do two things: I compare my home/surroundings with others and I compare my “worth” to other moms. Many things go through my head like “How can she handle all that with 5 kids?” or “How does she look so good and have a newborn and toddler?” Please tell me I’m not alone here!  

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can be a blessing during rest. I’m not taking the position because I’m going to use the time to rest or to enjoy my family. I’m using this time to let the stress of 5 years with an infant and then infant + toddler dissipate. I’m going to realize that by not taking this opportunity I’ll bless my family by being more present. I won’t be yelling as much because I won’t be rushed with dinner or deadlines, grocery shopping or just a plain old messy house. I will have time to bless friends by being able to be kid free to help with theirs when in need. I will be able to maybe, just maybe, prep dinners for OTHER nights of the week!

Yes, rest can be a blessing….to you and to those around you. And if you struggle with doing it just remember that I’ll be over here having my season of rest (come August) and then maybe you won’t feel so bad choosing to have yours.



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