When You Get Pushed Around by Your Kids


Now that my twins are in 1st grade, they are getting accustomed to the school schedule.  It starts in the morning: they eat, get dressed, brush their teeth, put their shoes on, pack up and leave for school.  

But, once it comes time for school pick-up, they are constantly attempting to push me along to do whatever they want.  It started with stopping at the coffee shop for a pastry.  I thwarted that by allowing just one stop a week (on a day they didn’t have any activities). 

pushed aroundI feel like I’m constantly getting pushed to go to the park, or scooter out front, or get yogurt.  At first, I would get annoyed.  I was annoyed that we have such a lovely life and they are constantly pushing to do MORE.  I decided to take a step back.  What I noticed is they want to do fun stuff ALL THE TIME.  Which makes sense, especially for a 1st grader.  Who doesn’t want to do fun stuff all the time?  I mean, I’d like to as well. My goal is to slow them down.  When they ask to do multiple things, I stop and say something like,

Not today.


Maybe we can make do that this weekend. 

I’m sure they will always want to push their agendas, which seems to be more fun than work.  But I will keep on as it seems to be working, and I’m sure this is a work in progress.  

What do you do to stop feeling like you’re being pushed around by your kids?


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