Phoenix Moms Teacher of the Year :: Local Teacher, Mr. Miguel Hernandez from Cotton Boll Elementary


We are excited to announce that the Phoenix Teacher of the Year has been announced! 

Mr. Hernandez from Cotton Boll Elementary is our 2022 Phoenix Teacher of the Year! He will be awarded a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Thank you so much, Mr. Hernandez, for your passion and hard work for your students!

The winning nomination reads: Mr. Hernandez is such a hero to my daughter and her classmates.He is such an amazing teacher! He is definitely a teacher who cares about every single one of his students. If there is something my daughter is struggling with he will go out of his way to make sure I know and that we help her with it till she gets it!! He does not let any child down in the classroom; he is always pushing them and uplifting them to work hard, and everyday my daughter comes home so happy and thankful for a teacher like Mr. HERNANDEZ. He might not wear a cape but he sure is my daughter’s superhero!”

Thank you to everyone who nominated a teacher for recognition! Our community is full of incredible teachers who give so much of themselves! 

Congratulations to these honorable mentions:

Marcia Tuff, Villa Montessori, “Marcia is the definition of calm and grace. My daughter and I transitioned from homeschooling and strict quarantine during that weird year of shutting down. Marcia and her team made us feel at ease, loved on my daughter and myself! At a time when we all yearned for connection, Marcia made us feel at home. I have every confidence that my daughter is in her element every time I drop off. She comes back full and beaming with life.”

Mrs. Summer Izatt, Madison Simis Elementary, “I am nominating Mrs. Izatt because she is a wonderful teacher that goes above and beyond for her students. Our son was homeschooled last year and was a bit nervous about going back to Simis however, she was so welcoming and inviting. His fears quickly left and he was back in the swings of things. She has been able to challenge him with course work and made learning really hands on and fun all year long. ”

Jennifer Hester, Pioneer elementary, “Mrs. Hester is a certified site sub for our school, moving to a full time teaching position next year. She is an absolute rock star and has really gotten to know our kids really well. She jumps in wherever she is needed and is a joy to have around campus. All are welcome in her classroom.”

Mrs. Stewart, Verrado Elementary school, “She is an amazing teacher. Very nice and encouraging. She loves her students and they love her. I watched her dedication all year and loved working with her.”

Jackie Lipner, Kyrene Digital Academy, “Mrs. Lipner goes above and beyond in helping her students prepare for the transition from elementary to middle school. She helps and guides them as they learn valuable life lessons. She has worked to make crucial connections that go beyond the zoom screen. Mrs. Lipner’s energy is contagious. She keeps her students going and engaged every moment of the zoom day. She is a gift to each and every one of her students!”


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