A Heartfelt Letter to Soon-To-Be Moms


Dear Soon-to-be Moms,

As you prepare to meet the little one you’ve come to know so well inside your womb, I know you’re feeling a combination of excitement, worry, unpreparedness, and anticipation. The truth is, nothing can quite prepare you for the transformation you’re about to embark on. When you go into labor, take note of everything in that moment. The quiet of the house, the tidiness of a fresh nursery, your emotions, the smell… take note of all of it. When you return, you’ll have a new baby in your arms and your entire world will be forever changed in the best possible way.  

Everyone tells you to get ready for a love unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. They’re right. Holding that tiny little creation in your hands is an indescribable feeling and the love that instantly radiates from your heart defies everything you’ve known up until this very moment. It’s both consuming and overwhelming. Take it all in. You’re a mommy now.

You’re going to be tired. A kind of tired that nothing can prepare you for. It will be hard at first. You might even cry at 2am when your newborn needs you again and all you want to do is get an hour or two of sleep – you’ll adjust. The exhaustion feels unbearable, but your body will adjust and before you know it, you’ll find your groove.

It’s going to be really hard not to make this tiny, beautiful little human your entire world. Resist it as best you can. Love them fully and relish in their tiny little toes and their chubby pumpkin cheeks, but make time for your relationship with your partner. After all, that very relationship is the entire reason you have this bundle of joy and it needs to be nurtured just like your newborn baby.

letter to soon-to-be moms

Lean on your loved ones. There’s this idea out there that we have to be supermom, but we don’t. And if you try, you’ll probably fail hard. Lean on your friends and family for advice, support, help around the house, meals… anything and everything.

Pay attention to your own well-being. You’re about to give every ounce of yourself to this tiny little human and you’re going to feel both fulfilled and drained at the same time. Take time to nurture your, mind, body, and soul. If you’re not feeling right, talk to someone. Remember that you aren’t alone. Every single mom out there can relate, will listen, and can help you overcome. Give yourself grace.

Enjoy this time. You’ve been waiting for this little bundle of joy to come earth side. The days will feel long, but the months and years are short. Leave the mess behind, don’t worry about pleasing everyone, and just breathe in the scent of motherhood. Write down the milestones and the memories. Take pictures and videos. Be present. You just received the greatest gift of your life. Enjoy every single moment.

This is going to be the most fulfilling, frustrating, draining, consuming, amazing job you ever had.

Congratulations and welcome to the club!


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