News Bites for Busy Moms “Special Thanksgiving Edition”


Holiday Mash-Up

Thanksgiving Week is upon us! Whew! Are you ready? Do you have that turkey yet? Well, you’ve had longer than usual to prepare. Thanksgiving is falling later in the month than last year. In fact, November 28th is the very latest the Thanksgiving holiday can fall in the month of November. Turkey Day also falls on the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Some are calling this once-in-a-lifetime event… you guessed it… “Thanksgivukkah” and it’s actually been trademarked in Boston. have a great website you have to check out. It has recipes, printables and other activities to share with your kids.

“Fowl” Menu

As you prepare your menu for Thursday, don’t forget pigeon. According to National Geographic, the first Thanksgiving feast by the pilgrims in Plymouth was in October of 1621 and featured turkeys, geese, ducks, quail and passenger pigeons. Okay, so pigeon probably wouldn’t fly today, but there are plenty of recipes out there with “pigeon peas.” Close enough.

By the way, the very first TV dinner was created back in 1953 with… you guessed it… Thanksgiving leftovers. Read about that and 9 other things you didn’t know about Thanksgiving here.

Special Holiday Delivery

The shopping season gets underway this week with Black Friday. It got me to thinking if I have any gifts to send… and of course… I do. Fortunately this week, I received a great reminder from the post office about ship dates… more specifically… the longest I can procrastinate and still get those gifts to my loved ones on time. December 20th is my cheapest bet with First-Class Mail. Shipping gets a little pricier on December 21st for Priority Mail Flat Rate and the priciest is December 23rd for Priority Mail Express. Gotta mark these dates in my calendar. You should too! Off to bed. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!



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