Thanksgiving Kids’ Craft Roundup


Hi there! My daughter and I wanted to share with you some of the fun Thanksgiving crafts we have done together these past few weeks. Thanksgiving is perhaps my favorite holiday. I love having a day for family and to count our blessings. And of course, the food and naps!

These crafts and more can be found on Pinterest.

When we moved from the east coast last year, I thought our days of finding pinecones were over. That turned out to not be true however, as there are several pine trees outside Little E’s preschool. She and her BFF enjoy collecting them after school. This has become a tradition of sorts. It was time to find something to do with one of them (besides toss it in the trash, which is their usual fate). So we made a pinecone turkey. Very easy-we simply glued goggly eyes and a beak and “gobbler” made out of craft foam onto a pom pom and then glued all that onto the pine cone. For the feathers, we used pipe cleaners. By the way, if you don’t have a glue gun (I don’t), I highly recommend Aleene’s glue. I was introduced to this little gem by Little E’s preschool and we do like that product better than some of the other craft glues. For our Pinecone Turkey, it worked really well. This would also be a fun craft to use as place settings for your Thanksgiving table; just make as many as you need and stick a name card in the pinecone as well.


This next craft melted my heart! We made the turkey out of construction paper; I outlined the shapes and had her cut them out. The we glued on the google eyes and beak. I asked E to think of 5 things she was thankful for this year. She came up with six (although “turkey” is a bit random as I am not entirely convinced she will even eat any at Thanksgiving!). What made me so proud with this craft is that one, she is thankful for family (and books!) but also that she wanted to write out the words herself. I was planning on writing it all out for her as she is relatively new to the writing game. Of course I helped her with the spelling, but the penmanship is hers. Very proud mommy moment! This one is definitely a keeper.11131

For our TP roll turkey, I cut the tube to make a head and body and punched holes in the tail end with a hole punch. She then glued on the head and facial features, and then stuck feathers in the holes. 11151

Next we made some “Indian corn” with bubble wrap and paint. We cut out the corn and husks. I had her paint the husks with brown paint and then we painted some bubble wrap with orange and brown paint and “stamped” the paper with it to make corn kernels. We waited for all that to dry and glued the husks to the corn.  Bubble wrap is always a hit.11191 11192

Lastly, our handprint turkeys. Classic! I was only planning on doing the handprint one but E had her own opinions on this and wanted to do one of her hand traced and cut out. So we did both. We glued on feathers to make this more of a multi media project. 11193 11194

Hope you have enjoyed our Thanksgiving craft roundup! I encourage you to try some of these crafts (or others- there are plenty of great ideas out there!) with your kiddos.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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