Never Give up on Your Dreams


Becoming a mom was never a part of the plan. 

From a young age, my dream of becoming a career woman was absolutely certain. The future I envisioned consisted of completing a Doctorate in Philosophy, working my way up in a company, working grueling hours, publishing, editing and breathing content, teaching and impacting young lives, and inspiring a new wave of thinkers. 

The plan was met with a serendipitous change.

The welcoming of a little boy, the love of my life, changed everything. I spent every waking moment with him for the first year of his life and then began the arduous task of reentering the work force. The choice to return to work was driven out of mental depravity, not financial necessity. I loved being at home with my son, watching him grow right before my eyes, breathing in every small moment- attempting to soak everything up, but my mind craved more, of this I was certain. The decision to refocus on work was not easy, especially since my salary only covers daycare, leaving just enough for gas money. Finding a job after taking a year break from work was a challenge in itself, a challenge that many mothers face on the way back into a career.

These specific challenges lead many mothers in abandoning their dreams, but it does not have to be this way. We, as men and women, can come together in elevating each other to reach our dreams.


What can WE do?

1. We can lend a helping hand. If you are in a position to hire, consider hiring a mom reentering the work force. I can almost guarantee that you will hire one of the most dedicated, patient, understanding, and motivated individuals on the job market. You will hire a POWERHOUSE Chief Operating Officer. 

2. We can provide equal pay to women so that they can make ends meet while pursuing their dreams.

3. We can offer flexibility and understanding to mothers in the work force. I cannot count the number of times an emergency call has come through relating to my toddler where I have had to rush home. Luckily, I was met with understanding, but not everyone is as lucky. Emergencies aside, I work my butt off to maximize time in order to meet the demands of work and motherhood, a quality that many mothers possess.

4. We can foster growth and advancement opportunities. Take a chance and give moms an opportunity to grow their careers. Trust me, they are hungry for it. They want to grow, take on more responsibility, and prove themselves.

These adjustments could leave waves of profound change, and all it takes it a little cooperation. We all need to work together to elevate one another to push for our dreams.

Stay hungry and charge forward. I promise that every step, bringing you closer to realizing your dreams, will be worth it.


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