Leggings Are the Greatest Thing on Earth… I Think You’ll Agree


holidayleggings2016_41Legging lovers … I’m here to set the record straight!

Some of you may have read this recent blog post about the forty dollar “buttah” leggings and the over zealous consultants trying to trick you into joining their online shopping groups with the hopes of winning said leggings. 

According to this recent post, “…the price to own a slice of buttery legging goodness is obscene. At nearly $40 a pop…” First of all, these leggings are only 25 dollars. That’s right, just $25 for a pair of pants that you will literally (want to) live in. I’m a mom of three, and let me tell you: three kids is a game changer!  My jeans don’t fit the same, and it’s been a year since I gave birth to my youngest child. Everything is a little snugger even though I eat clean (for the most part) and regularly exercise (as if running after two kids and a toddler isn’t exercise enough). Not only are the leggings affordable, but you can shop for them on your own terms, when it’s most convenient. Most days,  the idea of going to a mall with an active toddler — especially one who screams when you try and strap her in a stroller—  is enough to make you want to drink tequila straight out of the bottle with Meredith Grey.

    $25 what a deal!

If you don’t already know, I dedicated the first 10 years of my adult life to MAC cosmetics.  When a friend introduced me to LuLaRoe, my inner MAC girl thought,  “These aren’t for me.” The pants were bright, and loud, and didn’t look that comfortable. I also had reverse-sticker shock as I wondered why the LuLaRoe leggings were $75 less than my go-to black yoga pants from the fancy store at the mall? I got lost deep diving Instagram hashtags #butterleggings #lularoeleggings #lularoeaddict and my inner mom kicked in. A light went off in my head and I went in search of these mysterious leggings!

One day a friend of mine posted the cutest picture of herself in leggings paired with converse! First I thought, wait, those are the $25 leggings?  And then I immediately reached out to her to see where I could get a pair. More than wanting the leggings, I wanted the look! I had made all the compromises I was willing to make for fashion, utility, and price. That look spoke to me. I’m carpooling 5 days a week, changing 10 diapers a day, giving naps, and playing on playgrounds. I want to be comfortable, but for god’s sake, I don’t want to compromise style.

Why are they only sold online?

This was one of my first questions.  Best news ever gals! They’re not. I like to see clothes before buying them; I like to touch them, and try them on. Better than going to a store, or laboring through the mall, you can have your fav LuLaRoe gal come directly to you!  That’s right! If you don’t want to be in a group or you’re not on social media, no biggie. You don’t even have to leave your house! Racks and racks of fun prints and beautiful fabrics can be wheeled in for you and your friends to have a personal shopping experience.

For those who aren’t familiar, one of the benefits of online shopping (other than convenience) is LuLaRoe makes a limited quantity of prints, so when a consultant opens her online store each item is a special limited piece that you may never see again. “If they were that amazing, wouldn’t Target carry them?,” asks the author of said blog post linked above. The short answer to this question is NO! The shopping experience is exciting and fun, but it is unconventional. More than shopping for clothes, you can meet new people, socialize, and save money while not compromising style and comfort. If that isn’t for you, then that’s totally ok. There are millions of retailers and online shops were you can add an item to your cart, checkout, and your done. For many people, that’s convenient for them.

The author does make a good point when she says, “I have no desire whatsoever to badger my friends or drag them into a high-pressure sales environment.”

I think we can all agree with her on this one! I’ve never met one person who would want to badger their friends! Guess what, this is a personal shopping experience: a pop-up shop, a clothing store, brought to your living room so you can have fun! No pressure, no sales pitch, no fuss. Just some girlfriends, snacks, and lots of LuLaRoe to choose from.  

LuLaRoe isn’t just a brand, it is an experience.

Think about when you go to the MAC counter, or any of your favorite retailers; the company goes to great lengths to create an experience for you to win your business. When walking into MAC you are greeted by an experienced artist with flawless makeup and a wealth of knowledge. The music is loud. The energy is electric!  These artists  know the ins and the outs of every product and are there to help you find what works best for you. There are thousands of beauty brands to choose from. You can walk into any department store and have 50 women waiting to sell you something, but women who shop at MAC go for the experience, which is heavily cultivated and is part of their brand.

 LuLaRoe is also a brand that offers the same kind of experience: a personalized interaction with a LuLaRoe style expert that will be knowledgeable about styling, sizing, fabrics, trends, and how to make you feel like your most beautiful self. That’s what drew me to it. Each consultant has their unique flair.  You can ask a friend, search the consultant map to find someone in your area, get lost in hashtags, and reach out to a gal whose style you adore!  

Moms love LuLaRoe leggings.

In conclusion, LuLaRoe leggings are offered in a variety of colors and patterns and are amazingly comfortable.  You can dress them up or dress them down and they will always fit just right (even during the holiday season when you likely gain a couple of pounds)!  You can wear them to work, on a night out, to run errands, to workout in, or for hiking.  And they are great for the days where you don’t make it out of the house and spend all day chasing and cleaning up after your littles!  I think you will agree, they are one of the greatest things on earth … next to coffee, getting your hair blown out, or that adult beverage you very much deserve at the end of your day!   

We want to know, do you love (and live in) your leggings???

Love from me to you from this Lularoe style expert, legging lover, make up artist, mom + blogger, Michelle.   For a list of local consultants in your area – you know how we love to support local, small and our fellow moms – visit our Consultant Run Business Guide.  

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Michelle is a mom to three minis: a Queen Tween, a nine year old standup comedian, and a sweet baby who hasn’t let anyone sleep for 14 months (and counting). Michelle was born and raised a Southern California girl, but relocated to the Pacific Northwest where she has spent the past 4 years living in Seattle. Michelle is a brunch enthusiast by nature; filling her weekends exploring the town’s best offerings and searching for the next, best, perfect latte. Naturally, Seattle was the perfect fit. But after four years, Michelle, her husband, and her three minis moved to Phoenix in search of more opportunity, and, hopefully, better brunching. Michelle is a makeup artist by trade, with ten years experience in beauty, bridal, and fashion makeup. When Michelle isn’t busy packing lunches, driving to basketball practice, or attending PTA meetings, she can be found beautifying her clients. “Everyone has a story” says Michelle, “This is mine; it isn't boring.”



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